November Parenting Focus – Be Safe Be Seen

be safe be seen badge

It is that time of year, it’s goes dark so quickly, visibility on the school run decreases with each passing day. It is time to really make sure all children have the Be Safe Be Seen message clear in their minds. Please put aside ten minutes this week to watch a quick You tube video as a family and to run through a checklist?

More than two in five children told a Brake survey they had been hit or nearly hit by a vehicle while on foot or bike.

Think about reflective badges, strips and clothing and working with your school. Each year The Co-operative Funeralcare branch staff and funeral directors deliver badges to schools from week commencing 27th October. This is something you can easily arrange for your school. Continue reading

Grandad me and Teddy Too, Polka Theatre Wimbledon

Grandad, Me and Teddy Too_Polka Theatre Press

NS Headshot

Review by Natalie Shepherd

Last time I was in Wimbledon with Nat we were celebrating the end of term as Drama teachers, nowadays, as well as taking school trips, Polka Theatre Wimbledon is her go-to place for children’s theatre for her own children.

Quietly thought-provoking yet hugely engaging, Grandad me and Teddy Too is a heart warming piece of young children’s theatre which manages to entertain whilst sending some serious messages to both the young and the old alike.

From the moment the tiny theatre-goers enter the space, there is an atmosphere of excitement and expectation. The set, though simply designed with a white washed children’s bedroom, contains all the right toys to set young minds and hearts alight. From the ‘clickety clackety’ duck to the light up globe, imaginations are fired and the excited ‘woo’ as Grandad’s face (including sweaty nose) pops onto the computer screen on Skype firmly confirms this. Continue reading

10 moments I will never forget in Malta

unforgettable family moments in malta

1. Arrival at Villa Kentia, James Villas

It was dark, but we knew we had hit on something pretty amazing.

“Good Lord” I exclaimed as I reached the top of the steep steps from the driveway to this incredible terrace and saw the villa itself. My 5yo sensed he was onto something, I’m normally very careful not to swear or blaspheme, and Good Lord is not something I would ever say, but I was so very taken aback by the size, the luxury and the incredible placement of Villa Kentia in a valley overlooking the sea, the view is just incredible. An hour later and G was still opening cupboards and doors, bouncing on beds, flicking the switch to make the pool light up, and calling out in disbelief ‘Good Lord Mummy Look!’ Continue reading

Garage conversion can be a small home’s door to playtime, but is it wise?

Contemporary Garage And Shed by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators 22 INTERIORS

Guest post

For a growing family, space can be a persistent problem. Many parents have chosen to respond by converting their garages into playrooms. 

But how does a garage conversion affect your home’s value, and seeing as the garage is one of the most vulnerable entry points to your home, can you ensure it will be safe? Continue reading

Micro MX Trixx Scooter and how I really feel about the school run.

Micro MX Trixx Scooter

Waiting for the rain to stop….

Something wonderful happened this week, on many many levels. I was invited to take part in a secret santa style scooter swap a while back with Amanda of The Ana Mum Diary. This week it arrived. But there is much more to it than that.

I found making this video of my son testing out the Micro MX Trixx Scooter, therapeutic. Amanda knows how tough I find the school run. She has a wilful 5 year old, and a dog, she needed a scooter too, but for herself. You can see the scooter I sent Amanda, over on her blog,  The Ana Mum Diary.

The whole MX range has been designed in conjunction with pro stunt riders and Micro engineers to provide the very best in style and substance for children and adults aged 5+

Continue reading

Barbie Campervan and Tawny Horse


barbie campervan

Children love toy caravans, there is something about having a world in miniature, a house on wheels they find endlessly entertaining. Quite frankly the best thing about The Barbie Campervan is the toilet. As a caravan owning family we have owned a fair few toy caravans from Fisher Price to Sylvanian and now to Barbie – it is always the toilet facilities that seem to cause not just hilarity but endless play.

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Top House Moving Hacks

Maisenbacher House Moving

Maisenbacher House Moving by Katherine Johnson, on Flickr

Moving house – ain’t nobody got time for that! Packing boxes, continual trips to get more boxes and packing tape, plus metres of bubble wrap – it’s just not fun! Everyone has their own tips and ideas for moving. Is this your first move, or have you been procrastinating with your packing? Check out these hacks in today’s guest post to help you get on with the job! Continue reading

How to find family arts festival events this half term

Family Arts Festival is a UK wide event, lots of venues across the UK will up their family offering over half term, just check out the website to find amazing family arts activities in your area.

The Family Arts Festival is looking amazing in Nottingham this half term. We got a sneak preview when we were asked to appear in a promotional film. In the film we visit eight of the venues in Nottingham participating in Family Arts Festival from 17 October – 2 November 2014. Each venue gave us a sample of what we might expect from Family Arts Festival Nottingham – it really was fantastic. The video was funded by the Arts Council, devised by the venues and produced by Toadstool Media.

I was amazed by how much there is to do for families in Nottingham. Here’s a little sample of our adventures, we filmed over two days, but you have a whole week to make the most of the Family Arts Festival Nottingham events. Continue reading