Funny, tasty and efficient: Flying With KLM Airlines

    Flying to Amsterdam as a family with KLM

    KLM Airlines recently challenged our family to take part in a treasure hunt in Amsterdam. Part of the appeal was the ability to fly to Amsterdam from Birmingham airport, a swift 50 minute flight into a family city break in Holland’s playful capital. We flew out with A Mummy Too‘s family, minus Emily who was filming in London and joined us later on. The kids loved that we travelled over from Nottingham together in a minibus and had time for a Giraffe brekkie of pancakes and full and veggie English brekkies at the airport. Dads, boys and girls bonded over not being at Download festival, rock music, tattoos, pokemon and plastic giraffes and I took pictures! Continue reading

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    6 unique places to eat amazing Icelandic food

    6 unique and amazing places to eat Icelandic food, in Iceland!

    I love cheese and jam together, it’s a magic combo! I’ve been sharing some amazingly cool and unusual places to eat great Icelandic food in my next instalment about Iceland over on A Mummy Too. From the comfort of cheese and jam on cinnamon scone to a full blown gastro feast at Hotel Ranga, plus lots of interesting stop offs in-between. There are so many foodie experiences you won’t forget in a hurry, like the most incredible Bloody Mary in a tomato green house, home baked bread, eating cheese on a farm with the cows who supplied the milk and drinking tea blended especially for runner’s with Icelandic herbs. Experiment, put some liquorice salt or some green tomato puree on your ice cream!

    Check the post out over there and leave me a comment or any questions about the trip! You can also read about the amazing Hotel Ranga here.


    Journeys: The Last Leviathan – Inside Mr A’s latest video game

    The Last Leviathan

    People are always fascinated when I tell them what Mr A does for a living, so I thought it would be fun to share his latest video game project The Last Leviathan. It is the brainchild of Mr A and his business partner Mr B and a great team at Super Punk Games. It is set in an amazing world which, bar the sea monsters, I absolutely want to holiday in.

    The Last Leviathan

    An evocative voyage of creativity, discovery and terror. The Last Leviathan is a physics-based, ship building and destruction game. You construct battle ships to crush your adversaries and massacre the monsters you encounter around the ancient seas of Middenhir.

    On your voyage to uncover where The Last Leviathan lies you will discover a world full of rival ships, mythical monsters, wrecked flotsam, physics-puzzles and hidden treasures.

    You can buy it on video game selling platform Steam. It’s arc of user approval, via votes was pretty dramatic and when it was being green lit it rose to 5th place within days.  Draegast, a gaming You Tuber with close to million followers, was first to review playing it, as someone who isn’t really a gamer I loved watching his videos, they really made me laugh and totally bring the game play to life, his rock hard boat design is pretty hysterical, although I think it will be pretty hard to control (clues in the puns).  Seriously though, so much creativity in the designing here.   Heads up – there is swearing in this, so don’t watch with little kids about.

    The kids have been playing it since last summer and love it. I’m a ridiculously bad game player, 7yo G despairs already of teaching me things. But as a travel lover I can appreciate the fantastic tropical island setting.  I would say paradise, but once you have built the boat it’s open to getting shot at or attacked by sea monsters, leviathans.

    The kids really got into building their own boats and it reminds them a lot of the creativity of minecraft, but with a much more evocative setting.

    The Last Leviathan

    The Last Leviathan

    The Last Leviathan

    I just want to build a boat and sail off into the sunset…

    The Last Leviathan

    I will leave you with the cake the kids made to celebrate the launch. The local co-op didn’t have a big enough cake for the occasion so instead they decided to fashion chocolate boat cakes from random chocolate ingredients… awesome stuff! Now what you waiting for, get your copy here while it is on sale and tell your video game loving friends and family.


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    Family Leisure: David Lloyd Leisure Club, what’s in it for the family?

    David Lloyd Leisure Club, what's in it for the family?

    Family Leisure

    Mr A’s leg brushed against my leg as we held hands at the edge of the pool sunning our faces. The kids had ventured off to the other end of the pool, splashing about with a new found independence. We talked about work, our days, the kids, I was struck by how different our conversation felt shoulder to shoulder in the swimming pool, instead of in our kitchen while making tea, or across smartphones.

    The mood was definitely holidayish, although we hadn’t actually left Nottingham. The relaxed mood was the result of travelling just 15 minutes to take our first splash in the outdoor pool at David Lloyd Leisure Club. We have been invited to review a six month membership of our local club.  I nearly said no; anyone who knows me, knows I love to be outdoors: running outside is my favourite exercise and walking in the Peaks our release from suburban life, which, I am forever bemoaning, drives me crackers. How would I cope with a suburban leisure club? What can I say in my defence? It was the outdoor pool that convinced me. Until running came into my life, swimming was always my favourite.

    Here’s what I took away from the first day, in which the kids and I met the team and found out what was on offer. Continue reading


    A Spontaneous Weekend in Surrey with TravelSupermarket 

    A spontaneous sunny weekend break in Surrey, enjoying the National Trust Frensham Ponds

    When TravelSupermarket invited us to hire a car and be last minute local destination experts, we volunteered to try a spontaneous weekend in Surrey. My brother has just moved to Surrey, my nephew was turning 4, but our car was at the garage and my brother couldn’t put us up due to renovations. TravelSupermarket to the rescue! Continue reading

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    Tennis For Kids: Do kids need to break the rules sometimes?


    You may remember I wrote and tweeted about the Lawn Tennis Association Tennis For Kids free lessons back in April – look at all those clickthroughs  – I am so excited to think lots of kids got to try tennis for free! Mr G had 6 free lessons, a mini course, and some of my friends locally also spotted my update on facebook and managed to get free lessons too. If you missed out, don’t worry there are lots more ways to get involved with tennis.


    Today I am sharing how Mr G got on with  his Tennis For Kids lessons, as I mentioned in this post, he’s an incredibly brilliant kid and also very headstrong and I was a little worried about how it was going to turn out. Here’s my diary, kept on the parentshaped facebook page.

    Would we make it to week 6 and his free racquet?

    Continue reading

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    Father’s Day Bear Hugs and Gloworm Festival: A virtual cuppa with Helena Tyce Designs

    Helena Tyce Designs Gorgeous Father's Day Gifts

    Helena Tyce Designs

    I’ve found the perfect gift for Father’s Day, by local Nottingham artist Helena Tyce. Helena worked for Liberty after training as a surface pattern designer, before forming Helena Tyce Designs when her children were born. Her range is all about art inspired by life. She has also been busy designing the art work for a new Nottingham family friendly festival Gloworm, two great ideas for Father’s Day here! Continue reading