Slow Travel Tips: Preparing to make the most of a short break

    Slow Travel Tips: Preparing to make the most of a short break

    Today, I’m sharing some tips to make the most of it when you only have time for a short break.

    A few weeks ago an invite slipped into my inbox, to join a group of ‘elite travel influencers’ for a conference in Menorca. I was already mentally there, drinking cocktails by the beach and getting super inspired about blogging, until I realised it coincided with my 40th birthday.

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    5 favourite things from my summer wardrobe

    Summer clothes can be a challenge: trying to combine colours that suit you, with cooling fabrics and cuts that flatter in one garment is never easy. Add to that the pressure of revealing areas that have been hidden all Winter, the extra pounds you meant to lose and didn’t, and it can all feel very stressful.

    I envy how easy it seems to dress in Summer for men, but I have learnt a very important clothes buying tip from Mr A – when you find something that really works, buy two, or even three. As I get older I am all about reducing the clothes I own to the ones that really work and having a ‘uniform’ so I don’t spend hours on getting dressed.

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    10 things we won’t camp without

    We’re gearing up for a camp with Millets later this summer, at Gradbach in Staffordshire. I remember the area well from my Year 4 residential, and it is also near our new house. Millets have challenged us to create a #homefromhome while camping, which got me thinking about what makes a tent a home!

    We’ve had a campervan and a caravan, but we lent our tent to someone years ago, and haven’t seen it since. So when a new tent arrived, thanks to Millets, the kids were begging to try it out and ended up spending most the weekend in it in the garden.  I’ll share more when we camp in the summer, but first impressions are good, the Eurohike Rydal 600 is a six person tent with a removable room divider in the sleeping area, so good for both family camps and sleepovers. We love that it is tall enough to stand up in, with a big living area and a breathable, blackened sleeping compartment which let less light in, and lots of handy storage pockets. Continue reading

    All those things I loved about Boston, USA

    Boston Harbour

    Do you have trips you will always remember, the ones that changed you somehow? Mr A remembers my trip to Boston quite differently to me, for him it was the trip where I didn’t call for 3 days and he thought something terrible had happened to me. For me, it was my first long haul trip and a chance to immerse myself in living life like the locals as a friend and I camped on on the floor of another friend’s apartment. Our friend was living in the North End, a little Italy, doing city tours for foreign students, so we were given the most brilliant itinerary while in the city. Continue reading

    Reasons I Love Greek Island Family Holidays

    Reasons I Love Greek Island Family Holidays

    I first fell in love with Greek Islands while on holiday with Mr A, before kids. I have happy memories of hanging on to him as we took a moped to a tiny restaurant overlooking the sea, where I ate a Greek salad I still dream of today, especially when I hear Dirty Vegas, which was playing at the time. The sunrises and sunsets too, are forever etched on my mind, those colours are incredible. Continue reading

    3 Curiously Inspirational Literary Family Road Trips

    My Family and Other Animals, Corfu, The Durrells

    Recently I’ve realised how much I love to find stories on my travels, whether it is the history of a monument, an ancient legend or the setting of a well thumbed book. There is something pretty amazing about road trips that follow in other’s footsteps or bring to life books we love, so when, Europe’s largest supplier of online car tyres, asked me to share some road trips, these three rolled straight into my mind: Continue reading

    Join me on A Golden Circle Video Tour of Iceland!

    This time last year I went on a last minute trip to Iceland, to stay at the beautifully situated Hotel Ranga, and to experience the best of Iceland’s food and adventure.  I wrote up the experience over at A Mummy Too, for my good friend and neighbour Emily, but I have such a huge love of Iceland it’s been frustrating not to have found more time to share all the video footage I had left over. But then an exiting new travel video platform, invited me to upload a video and I knew it had to be Iceland!

    I’m so excited to share this video which features our day out from Hotel Ranga with Midgard Adventure, to Thingvellier National Park and home of the first, and the Viking, Parliament. There’s Gulfoss, the most incredible waterfall and the awesome explosive Geysir of course. Adventuring is hungry work so we took pit stops at Efstidalur Ice Cream farm and Friðheimar tomato greenhouse. I’m still dreaming about our meal there and the Happy Mary cocktail, a green tomato and gin version of Bloody Mary. The Guardian food critic said this was the best Bloody Mary in the world, it really is out of this world!

    I love how Travelcast annotates videos so you can see exactly which part of a city or country you are in, great for trip planning as you can create a wish list of places! My companion was my great friend N from Uni.

    This post was sponsored by, an exciting new video platform. Go check it out and start making wish lists, it’s fun getting an insiders feel on destinations.

    You can find out more about Iceland by checking out these posts about my trip, both full of awe inspiring, and yummy ideas:

    15 Awe inspiring things to do in Iceland with Kids

    A Gourmet Trip to Iceland and a Stay at Hotel Ranga

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    Join me on a tour of Iceland's Golden Circle

    Free resources for your child’s primary school: Premier League Primary Stars

    Theo Walcott reading to children in school as part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme

    Theo Walcott reading to children in school as part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme

    Last week I went to a London primary school nestled just behind the Arsenal Emirates Stadium, to find out more about the Premier League Primary Stars programme, which is available free to every primary school in England and Wales. I liked the sound of the free teaching resources, the values and the exciting opportunities on offer, so the next day I went straight to talk to my children’s headteacher about signing up as a school and nominated them online. You and your children can nominate your school online too, be quick, it might win them a trophy visit! Continue reading

    Have you heard about the RSPB Wild Challenges for Families?

    Building a bird bath in the garden

    Did you know recent research by the RSPB showed that only 1 in 5 children are connected with nature and spending a healthy amount of time outdoors?

    I don’t get everything right as a parent, not by a long stretch, but I do make a big effort to get my two out in nature, it makes a massive difference to our sanity and happiness and I want them to grow up respecting and understanding nature. My kids have an amazing time getting involved with the RSPB via my Dad who helps to run his local group. Macclesfield RSPB also has one of the best Young Explorer’s groups in the country and we’ve loved building nest boxes and making seed bombs with the leaders at RSPB events. We even helped to put up a barn owl box and just discovered it has barn owls in – we’re so excited!

    Basically we’ve loved the creative ideas the RSPB have to encourage kids to get on board with giving nature a home. We’re sad we’re not nearer to Macclesfield as the kids would go to Young Explorers events more often and sometimes I know we could be doing more than we are to connect with nature. But we just heard about the RSPB Wild Challenge for families and it sounds like a great way to keep involved! Continue reading