Halloween – Which side of the sewing machine are you?



When I was little my mum lovingly handcrafted me a witch’s skirt out of odd pieces of black velvet strung on elastic. I wish I still had it, it was amazing. We had been reading the Dorrie books, by Patricia Coombs, about a witch’s daughter, I so wanted to be Dorrie. I have just started reading them to my daughter, the pictures and story are so magical.

It has been an ongoing source of frustration to me, since I became a parent, that I can’t seem to conjure up the time, skills and concentration to make my kids’ costumes. It’s not that I am not creative, I am, I even used to teach drama, and I’m actually okay on a sewing machine. I just accept I don’t really have the inclination.

So I am the one on MrCostumes, looking for ready made creations. I do think there is an argument here, for shop bought costumes making kids feel they are really in character and as authentic as possible. Well in my case anyway, they certainly save my kids from ridicule.


Once, for World Book Day, we actually ‘home made’ a Tear Thief costume, there was no sewing involved, and fortunately very few other people had read the book so no-one could criticise our efforts. But again, looking round the playground, I felt guilty that no one knew who my daughter was dressed as.

I’ll happily carve a pumpkin, make decorations, make eyeball slime  (jelly with grapes in), or monster guts (spaghetti with red food colouring). I have even made spider sandwiches and helped them write awesome Halloween stories.  But when I see amazingly home crafted Halloween costumes I am generally the one muttering ‘swot’ under my breath, while feeling guilty.

How about you, which side of the sewing machine are you?  Do you remember Dorrie?

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  • Reply Mari

    I have a very old sewing machine and I need to get it out and start using it a bit more, maybe Halloween and my twins will be my inspiration – who knows?

    15/10/2013 at 6:56 pm
  • Reply Grenglish

    I am the person least likely to own a sewing machine! I just have no clue what I am doing and get frustrated very easily. I admire people who can hem a skirt, or fix a broken zip, or take-up a maxi dress that is 3 inches too long and I want them to be my friends, all of them 🙂 *pulls out extra long maxi dress*

    16/10/2013 at 1:31 pm
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