Pass the Baton #TheGallery #TeamHonkRelay

#Teamhonkrelay comes to an end. Follow my little boy in green. Made me very proud!

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This video says it all for me. Deeply symbolic for me in so many ways. My boy approaches the finish line at the Sport Relief Mile. I’d been running not just the 6 miles I did earlier in the day, but the 10 week stint organising #teamhonkrealy for Sport Relief. I was utterly shattered by this point.

As I ran the six miles I went over in my head all the people I have met on the journey, in Africa, in projects in Nottingham and all the amazing times on the relay. Emotional but it kept me going.

Done it

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My kids whinged alot before the race, it was a long weekend of solo parenting in London and we were tired. Suddenly they got in line, the hail stopped and the sun came out. The music was blasting and they started running.

Final mile #teamhonkrelay

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We didn’t have a game plan. Me, my brother, my kids, my sister in law and her mum with my nephew in the pushchair. Suddenly both my kids went for it, so my brother ran ahead with L and I tried to keep up with G who alternated between incredible sprints and wanting to be carried.

Final mile with my Bro and family #teamhonkrelay

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Suddenly, with the finish line in sight G went for it, through a sea of bubbles! I tried to keep up with him, but he was desperate for his medal and he was off.

It just seemed so symbolic that at the moment when I was ready to collapse, he took over. Kids are the future, my mum passed the charity baton to me and my brother who you can see here, and I hope to pass it to my two.

My two and my Bro after the @sportrelief mile. Kids ran so fast, made me really proud #teamhonkrelay

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I can’t recommend doing a Sport Relief mile enough as a family, it was a deeply satisfying and incredibly fun thing to do as a family!

My nephew slept through his mile! #teamhonkrelay

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Sport Relief makes #lasting change in the lives of people leading incredibly tough lives in the UK and Africa. There is still time to sponsor here. You can even do it by paypal, so very easy. Even £1 buys a hot dinner for a child in poverty here in the UK.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Tara for hosting this amazing Sport Gallery.




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