Little Legacy #8 Bilberry picking

Photo credit Wild Eepe

“I went back to the bilberry picking grounds of my childhood this week too. I stood on the rambling hills admiring the 360 views. It is so flat here in the east of the UK, I miss the west. Something else was missing for us too of course, my dear mum. But it was still sticky, sweet magic to return.  We laughed at the way my brother and I used to plead to be allowed to be released from our child labour as we froze on the hillside and she cried out, ‘Just a few more berries.’

Do you know those moments when you leave a story in a status update, a tale in a tweet, or an entire blog post in another blogger’s comments?  That’s what I did  to Manana Mama’s gorgeous post Rambling this week.  Then I realised it was a good little legacy for the week, so I borrowed it back again.  

It was the first time I had returned to the spot since we scattered mum’s ashes there back in blustery March.  The wind that had whipped around us was replaced by sunshine, the heather was a purple blaze and the tiny bilberries were bursting bright ready for picking.  I watched as my children stuffed their faces and stained their fingers purple with juice, and glimpsed the magic my mother saw all those years back too.  Her bilberry picking legacy lives on. 

I’m rather proud of making it to eight little legacies.  It’s making a huge difference in my life.  As always, companions on the journey are made very welcome.  The space is there if you need it.  There is a linky, but me, I prefer the word space.  Or if your time is tight or you’re afraid you’ll lose it if you don’t get it down now, just leave your little legacy in the comments.


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