Vintage Fisher Price Camper – Little Legacy 17

My Dad found this in the loft recently.  The Fisher Price camper van my brother and I played with.  So many happy memories of this toy.  They just don’t make them like this anymore; it’s so robust, it has so many features.  It’s a truck, a camper, a boat.  Having owned a campervan and now a caravan I can see how much inspiration this gave me.  Fancy a tour?
Setting up camp. 
It even has a toilet (and the figures fit in it perfectly)

Four little bunks

Taking in the view

Spot of boating
Time to hit the road again
Dad brought the camper round with a little bag of Duplo in which was a little sailor and a red boat.  One look at him with his scratched and freckled face under his blue hat and I felt myself sailing back in time.  All those voyages he went on at bath time. 
There was also a little wooden village, made up of tiny red and blue roofed houses, wooden gates and trees and animals. I had already bought a version of this for my children because I had such fond memories of making little villages.  Now we have merged the two sets together, some still shiny, some faded and worn round the edges.  There is also a legless dog and a tiny figure of a woman, which I vaguely remember belonged to my mum as a child.
These three sets are so utterly evocative of my childhood.  I was so pleased to see them, as of course were my children.  I’m not sure who put them in the loft, mum or dad, but I am so glad they did.  
This has me thinking which toys will truly stand the test of time in our house. The village will certainly be one of them, which each generation adding to it. What about in your house?

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