Dear Diary Little Legacy 19

Wednesday 16th November 2011
I awoke to voices shouting ‘Shark’.  I stumbled out of bed and down the landing to find L and G performing daring sea rescues up the stairs, using the sheets that were drying over the banister. We scrambled through the school run, making it by seconds.  I worked at home in the day and after school we picked Daddy and his friend A up from the train station. Kids were very tired but excited to see them.

Wednesday 16th November 1983
Ill again? We went to the Doctors who gave you some medicine.  You and your brother made a library, went to Gran’s, made a bookmark, decided to collect stamps and generally didn’t stop.

The first entry is mine, the second my mum’s.  My mum was a great diarist, I am a lapsed one, although perhaps my blog has filled that space.  When I was 5, the same age as my daughter is now, my mum wrote a diary just for me.  My brother was also exactly the same age as my son is now.

I’m enjoying in dipping in, seeing the world from a 5 year old’s perspective, sympathising with the frustrations my mum clearly felt at managing two small children, and relishing as she did, the milestones and the magical stuff children do.  It’s comforting to know even though she’s not here to ask about those times, that I have a connection to them.

Do you have diaries of people in your family?  Do you keep a diary?

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