Make my day Little Legacy 26

It’s a bit like wading through treacle, being stuck in mud, finding your way out of the fog. My head’s so full it can’t be bothered to get beyond cliche today. All right, so if I really push myself, my head says it’s like being Hanzel and Gretel at the point they discover the breadcrumbs have been eaten by the birds.

I’m talking about January. It’s hard work getting going again. My mum taught me, when times get tough, to ‘rate the day’. Over a week or a few days you give each day a mark out of 10. It’s just a little trick to train the mind to see the positives. Each time I have turned to it, I have seen an improvement. Here it is encapsulated on a post it note my mum sent me while I was away at University:

So here I am in my first full week of post festive normality, struggling with dark mornings,a long long to do list, kids who don’t want to get back into a routine. Time to rate those days…

Monday – climbed from 2, to reach the dizzy heights of 7, only to end the day at 0 after losing my temper and Miss L saying ‘I want my nice mummy back’.
Tuesday – a very ploddy 3, felt oh so tired.
Wednesday – reached 8 thanks to a run, a great meeting with Lakeside Arts Centre and a dual playdate that didn’t end in tears for once. Although my to do list feels HUGE and I have a small moral dilemma which is knocking me off 10.
Thursday – starting at 8 with the prospect of a whole day child free to get stuff done! 10 just might be in sight.  Thanks mum x

Come on make my day!

Hope January is treating you well? How would you rate your day?


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