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Your Tooth Fairy Ideas and Giveaway

So as you can see form the pics, L’s first tooth came out.  It fell out faster than I expected, and I felt a sudden sense of panic. I remembered it popping through as a baby tooth and felt a pang of nostalgia, I remembered the fairy magic my own mum conjured for me, and I realised I had no plan for this milestone. So I turned to facebook and Twitter.  Here’s what I discovered:

On the going rate everyone suggested £1 per tooth, although there are exceptions:

Becky at Baby Budgeting said

£1, except for when the tooth fairy is very busy and can’t make it that night (codeword ; mummy forgot!!!!!!) then she leaves double the next night to make up for it..the shame. If the tooth goes missing e.g swallowed /left in a library book at school you have to leave a letter on the bedroom door telling the tooth fairy what has happened.

My friend N also makes exceptions in special circumstances

the tooth fairy sometimes brings more for the big front tooth that had to be dragged out before the school photo to get rid of ongoing ‘Nanny Mcphee’ look

My friend M suggested molars should be £2. Bavarian Soujourn agreed, but in euros.

My friend T

Wrote to the tooth fairy appealing for a small donation even in times of recession (the 80s?)  My mother carried that letter round with her almost to the day she died… (I have to admit, she actually carried the tooth around for many years, until I told her that was revolting).


My friend F told me not to make the mistake of giving just a pound, but to give change. My sister in law agreed:

my standard rate is £1 but the little ones like it in change.  I also wrote little letters in tiny writing,once I made a fairy card out of feathers

Like my sister in law, lots of you get creative:

Super Amazing Mum is just what it say on the tin when it comes to the Tooth Fairy:

All of my kids have their “own” tooth fairy. They are the same age as the kids and write them lovely letters in very curly writing….both fairies say that if the kids are worried about anything, they can always write to them for advice…lots of mums around this way now do the same so we have a mafia of fairies who know each other and write personalised letters!

Emma of Bavarian Soujourn and Laura of Dichotomy of write letters, Laura writes

about what the tooth is going to build in toothtown.

The Ana Mum Diary tooth fairy even has her own email address.

I wrote about my mum’s creative approaches in another blog post;

Once my mum in role as tooth fairy, made a fairy playground out of the objects on my desk.  She also left a copy of Beatrix Potter’s The Fairy Caravan open on my desk.  It was the closest thing to magic I have ever come across.

@Milla64 suggested a fairy pot, her tweeted recipe goes as follows:

tiny jar (hotel jam) golden thread (misguided sewing project, churned up sewingmachine) chopped up wonky-writing note, £1 in pot.

Although Kate Takes 5 has a word of warning on creativity:

Start as you mean to go on! I got too excited on the first one and put glitter and a rose petal under the pillow along with the coin (I know I know). For the next tooth she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking for more glitter, more petals and a picture of the fairy. The next one she wrote 20 fairy questions she wanted to know the answer to (plus picture, glitter and petals) etc. The more you feed it the worse it gets.

And on the tooth fairy extracting the tooth from under the pillow there were the following wisdoms:

Laura’s son…

used to make traps to catch the fairy…or a redfaced me.

Jen at Mum in the Madhouse

Made the boys a little heart with a pocket in to put their tooth in, this made it easier to find and exchange, or it would if Maxi didn’t swallow his!

My friend S joked on facebook minutes before I went in to do the deed that

you have to actually wear wings!


Jen at Love Chic Living thoughtfully reminded me:

if you throw the tooth away make sure L can’t find it later. I’ve had some near experiences!

I’ve loved reading all your tooth fairy ideas and I hope you don’t mind me sharing them, if I have featured you I will enter you all in the draw automatically.  I invite everyone else to please enter through the comments. Here’s how:


The prize is a £50 experience voucher for Experience Days.  And before you ask, yes you can get a WHOLE experience for £50 (jet ski, rally driving, afternoon tea for two, a fashion shoot to name a few), or put it towards something bigger.

Just fill in the rafflecopter, leave one of your best tooth fairy ideas, anecdotes, little legacies, reminiscences or link to a tooth fairy ideas post, in the comments below.

Competition closes 12 noon Wednesday 7th March.  UK entries only. One winner will be chosen at random.

Next week I will be searching for your wisdoms on a new topic, prizes and suggestions for topics greatfully received!


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