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Hush Harkee Chickadeeto! Memory book 3

(Sorry I’ve given up with the linky this week, it won’t show up and it appears to have attributed last week’s comments to this post and eaten last week’s posts – grrr).
Alexander Residence has been nominated for the MADs blog of the year, a little bird told me this was because of Little Legacy.  Great oaks from tiny acorns grow, and whether or not this goes any further it’s lovely that Little Legacy has been honoured in this way. Thank you x

Tinned peaches, toasted teacakes, crumpets, crinkle cut chips. This week I want to honour my maternal Gran, who will always be fondly remembered for her love of convenience foods.  She lived round the corner from both my primary schools, so we often went to her house for lunch, or after school.  When we were too ill to go to school we were wrapped up in a tartan rug on her huge sofa, part of a gigantic three piece suite which totally dwarfed her tiny bird like frame.  It had big block like cushions, perfect den building apparatus.

She had a wicked sense of humour and loved silly songs, which I still like to sing, especially when in the car on my own, or when the kids are creating a fuss in the back.

We’re off we’re off we’re off in a motor car, fifty bobbies are after us and we don’t know where we are.

On song will always remind me of watching Gran, loading up the last of her possessions in a Pork Farms van my Dad had borrowed from work. I think she was finally leaving our old house in Neston, which she lived in for us when Dad got a new job in Staffordshire, but the house wouldn’t sell. She moved lots, following her daughters around the country after the death of my Grandfather, who died before I was born, perhaps that explains why this music hall moving day anthem was one of her favourites.

My old man said “Follow the van,

And don’t dilly dally on the way”.

Off went the van wiv me ‘ome packed in it,

I followed on wiv me old cock linnet.

But I dillied and dallied, dallied and I dillied

Lost me way and don’t know where to roam.

Well you can’t trust a special like the old time coppers

When you can’t find your way ‘ome

And she would tell me and my little brother silly stories…

Three robbers sat in a cave, and one of them said to Antonio, Antonio tell us a tale, and Antonio began as follows.  Three robbers sat in a cave…

And if we became too wild, or too excited by den building and leaping off sofas she would suddenly hiss Hush!  before pausing dramatically and barking Harkee!  Then there would be another long lingering dramatic pause and we would wait, nervously giggling, watching the glint in her eye and trying to predict when she would finally cry out, as fast as a bursting balloon:


Hush! Harkee! Chickadeeto!  I have no idea what it means or where it comes from, but it sounds awesome.

Although she didn’t provide me with Gran’s trademark crinkle cut chip recipe, Mum stuck a picture of Gran in the Bridge Street Vegetarian Cookbook she made me, next to the recipe for Crisp Apple Crumble.  I’m not sure where the recipe came from, but it was one we often ate together. Here’s Me, Gran, Mum and Grandma, and a fab recipe.

Little legacy is a remembrance project , a positive and creative space, to celebrate small things handed down by inspiring people. Feel free to link up a little legacy you’ve been thinking about this week, or to leave one in the comments. Here’s the code and here’s more on Little Legacy.  Memory Book is my plan to make a family book of these memories, join up and see where it takes you?




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