Graduation Day came 17 years early

Last week was emotional.  Miss L and her friend Mr L made their first visits to their (different) primary schools and ‘graduated’ from the pre school they have both attended.  They were given mortarboard hats and certificates and sang a special song about their time at pre school.It’s sad they will go their separate ways, after being inseparable at pre school, but I hope their friendship stays strong, and I know they have the friendship of their little brothers, and their mums, to anchor that.
On the way to school Miss L asked me how the world was made and how people were made.  It struck me as a sign, on many levels, that she is ready for school.  Then rather spookily, last night Mr L’s mum sent me a text to tell me she had been struggling to explain the universe and religion, in response to a never ending torrent of questions.
The whole universe is opening up to them. It feels timely that they go to school.   But it’s not easy, change is exciting, but change is unsettling.  For them and for us.  We’ve all shed some tears over the last week.  I won’t be wailing at the school gate, I am too excited for her, but I think shedding a few tears is part of this rite of passage.
I absolutely love rites of passage, I think they are hugely important.  So I even managed to pull out the posh camera and take a half decent graduation shot.  Wonder if there will be another one in 17 years?

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  1. Becky
    30/04/2015 / 1:34 pm

    So flippin’ cute!!!!

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