Monthly Memory Book Prompts for 2012

Right, I’ve got Memory book really organised, do you fancy joining me in going back in time a bit and catching some memories for your kids? Miss L is nearly 6 and she is always asking me what I did when I was little.

I’ve loved reading the memories of her childhood that my mum wrote down for me, so I started to make a Memory Book for my own children, capturing my own childhood, and the characters in it. I hope to get some of my relatives involved in guest posting, and taking the memories further back.

I read this Memory Book post about my Granddad, my cousin and our love of gardening at Britmums.

On the penultimate Thursday of the month, starting from June 2012 I will put up a reminder about the month’s Memory Book theme. The last Thursday of the month will be the Memory Book linky. You could post a single photo, write about your memories, interview a relative, get a relative to guest post, write it as a letter to your child, include a bit of a diary entry, write a list, make some bullet points, whatever you like. When we’ve collected a few, if you want to join me, we can self publish them into a Memory Book.

Next Thursday the theme is Holidays.  Which holidays meant the most to you as a child? Was there a disastrous holiday? What funny/special/random moments stick in your mind. Or, if you want to go further back…where did your children’s grandparents holiday when they were little?

Memory Book Themes 2012

Thursday 26th July Holidays

Thursday 30th August Schooldays

Thursday September 27th Siblings/Childhood friends

Thursday October 25th Food

Thursday November 29th Hobbies

Thursday December 27th Christmas Past

Want to see some Memory Book examples or Little Legacy examples?


I'd love to know your thoughts!