Fennel and Sultana Loaf

L came home from school with a bunch of fennel from the school garden. We chewed the seeds all the way home, it brought back happy memories of eating aniseed balls as a child, a taste I share with my Dad. It also reminded me we had a garden full of the stuff.

Fennel is an amazing plant to grow, especially with children. Dad planted it for us 5 years ago.  Each summer its stems grow like beanstalks, towering high over the other plants in the garden. Its flower heads look like satellites. In the picture above you can see the seeds.

So in celebration of another generation with a taste for aniseed, we made sultana and fennel loaf in the breadmaker. The recipe was passed on to me by the Home Economists at Panasonic Ideas Kitchen at my last visit, (gosh this makes me sound like Delia!).  The Ideas Kitchen is full of great bread maker recipes.

A while back we took a family walk through a wheat field, we tried to explain how bread was made to the kids and ended up taking them to Green’s Windmill, Nottingham that afternoon, so they could see for themselves.

So the bread was from the windmill and L took it to school to share with her class, rather neatly tying up several threads of learning I thought, a rare moment of parenting/teaching genius.  It went down a treat buttered and spread with a little honey.

Ask the Audience

I am visiting the Panasonic Ideas Kitchen again next month, testing their combi ovens so do tell me what shall I report back on next time? I’d especially love to hear from my fellow veggies! So a bit like red and green peppers in Ready, Steady, Cook, you have two options:

Cook a Quorn* sauce in 20 minutes in one stage in a microwave, and turn it into a spaghetti bolognese or chilli con carne?

*or please suggest what would you like to use instead of Quorn?


Bake chocolate brownies in a metal tin in 20 minutes, including microwave, in the cooking mode?

The third option I won’t be testing as a veggie (or telling Mr A I could have become party to the instructions to, *evil veggie laugh*) is ‘how to produce a golden, succulent roast chicken in a combination microwave oven in 40 minutes, giving you a time saving of 50 minutes and no preheat’  …although I would quite like to learn how to do a crisp jacket potato in 19 minutes.

Disclosure – I am a Panasonic Intelligent Living Mum, from time to time I may review Panasonic equipment, (like my epilator review) and share ideas I find on the Ideas Kitchen site. Here’s more on my first visit to Panasonic.


I'd love to know your thoughts!