Object Permanence, Cath Kidston and flour shakers

Cath Kidston Daisy Rose Check Flour Shaker £6

Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched.

I’ve become a little obsessed of late, with baking. I ended last year charting a baking accomplishment and I’ve started 2013 full of plans and ideas to makeover the kitchen. I’ve discovered baking is less fun without the proper equipment. My list is growing, so many things need replacing, or more often retrieving from the toy box: baking trays, bowls, silicone cup cases, rolling pins, measuring spoons, spatulas.

I was staring into the cupboard contemplating what to cook, when I saw it. A flower pattern flour shaker from my childhood that my Mum and I used to shake flour onto the work surface with when we made bread and biscuits. Except it wasn’t really there, it was just suddenly very clear in my mind. Engrained like the familiar shapes of the pastry cutters from my childhood, which I do have still.

Anyway, so we had the flour shaker when I was little, it was in this pattern to match this storage tin which I still own, like this:

Mum always told a story about me toddling around with the flour shaker in my hands, I am sure it had something to do with a windmill and a lake. Possibly I have mixed up a few stories but my mind created a very vivid image of me as a small child in a beige crochet cardigan in this imagined windmill place, gleefully waving a flour shaker.

Of course the object exists somewhere. I’m not sure where. I’d love to be reunited with it. But in it’s absence I might treat myself to a replacement in the form of this Cath Kidston Daisy Rose Check Flour Shaker. It feels like something I ought to have and a wonderful substitute. What do you reckon?


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