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Why family travel is good for kids


This guest post really made me think about how important holidays are as a family, It takes a while when you first become a parent, to accept holidays aren’t like the escapes of your child free days, so it is really lovely to be reminded of all the benefits of holidays to the family:

Holiday trips are therapeutic for adults, but they present even greater opportunities for children travelling with their families. Depending on the chosen destination, (check out this best family holiday destination list) family travel sparks children’s imaginations as they see new places and experience different cultures.

Quality time spent with family also offers a way to relieve the stress of their daily school routines. Holidays present families with opportunities to create special memories that children remember all their lives.

Developing The Creative Child

A future Pulitzer Prize winner may be living closer to one’s home than otherwise thought. Children who are bent in the literary direction often have experienced events early in their lives that feed their imaginations. Young children are especially curious and see things from a unique perspective.

Holiday trips give them the forum to see new things, ask questions, and form opinions that shape the way they view the world. Children who with their parents’ help can cultivate the skills needed to put their thoughts and experiences into words are on their way to becoming well rounded adults if not Pulitzer Prize candidates.

Holidays Are A Break From School Stress

Many do not realize the amount of stress that today’s children face. They are under pressure to do well in school and in extracurricular activities. The amount of homework, preparation for classroom activities, and exams that are given to children slightly resembles full-time employment.

Children are also involved with extracurricular activities due to peer pressure, personal desire, or parent pressure. These activities coupled with family chores put a great deal of stress on children early. Holiday trips are a way for them to just have fun and act their age without caring about meeting performance expectations. These frequent breaks allow children to return to their routine activities refreshed from the quality time spent with their families.

Holiday Trips and the Sneaky Educational Opportunity

Family holiday trips are fantastic learning opportunities for children without them even realizing it. When it comes to school coursework, some children state that they are just not interested in certain subjects. Their lack of interest may come from a true dislike of the subject, or they may feel that way because of the way the subject’s materials have been presented to them.

If the latter reason is the case, an exciting holiday trip may help change their perspective. For instance, children who dislike science taught in a classroom setting may enjoy a naturalist-guided snorkelling trip to a place teeming with a variety of marine life. Today’s technology allows for underwater photography so the aquatic flora and fauna seen below the sea may be discussed further when the family reaches dry land. Family camping trips also present many opportunities to place the subject of natural sciences in a better light for children.

Culture Shock Them

Although the internet is a great tool used to introduce people to different cultures worldwide, there is nothing quite like experiencing those cultures up close and personal. Children who travel with their families on holidays abroad get to do just that. During these highly educational trips, children get to sample different cuisines and experience the communication styles of different people.

While children are learning a second language, holiday trips abroad to the homes of native speakers are especially beneficial to them. Prudent parents will, however, adequately prepare their young ones before taking trips abroad by informing them of known cultural taboos to avoid any international incidents.

If you are planning to go on family holiday this summer then start looking for flights and hotels as soon as possible and also try to be flexible with dates, as you might find that mid-week flight rates are much lower than weekends. There are lot of flight deal comparison sites like – cheapflights, travesupermarket etc. and for hotel deals you can check out Expedia, hotels.com, booking.com etc.



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