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Making Time with your Kids Count

kids spell love t.i.m.e.

It’s not always easy having kids. Parenthood can be very different to what we might have expected. This quote reminds me, if there’s one thing that’s important to give up when you have kids, it’s time, but time can seem difficult to find sometimes.

Kids need to spend as much time with parents as they can. To bond, to learn social awareness and everything parents can teach them. I think it also helps them learn how to occupy themselves, so it is also an investment in more free time later. When it comes to spending time together, I find we are all happiest when we are all doing something new, me included.

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut with time. There’s so many different ways to spend time with your kids, here’s a few that we’ve liked recently, would love to hear yours!



1. What about a bit of painting? Watercolours and recycled paper isn’t expensive, paint pictures of each other. It’s great for kids’ self-confidence when you put their artwork on show on the fridge or around the house.

2. Charades is a tried and tested way of having fun indoors. It’s great for improving kids’
communication skills. Click through here to find out how to play charades.

3. Kids love baking together, things like cornflake cakes don’t even need any cooking. Scones only need flour, milk and butter, and meringues only need egg whites and caster sugar.

4. Play hide and seek, or sardines.

5. We all need a family movie sometimes, but why not make an occasion of it, make tickets, make a ticket booth, sell the tickets, line up seats in the living room, dim the lights, make popcorn, dress up as ushers with torches.

6. Put on the kettle, get out the biscuits, get out the craft box sit round the table and see where it takes you. The tea and biscuits tempt the adults, before you know it you’re all creating together.


1. Playing a game of catch or tag is a great way to get kids moving, and it’s so much fun! This weekend we made up a variation based on moving like a ninja after watching Kung Fu panda.

2. Among other great ideas, the Swedish kid’s clothes brand Polarn O. Pyret suggested making stilts. They have some other fun spring activity suggestions with worksheets. You have to be around to help out with hammer and nails, but the pride kids get from helping construct something is great for their self-esteem.

3. Making a game of spotting things outdoors fascinates kids. Make a list of things that might be seen, and have them tick off everything as they go along. It’s a great way to encourage them to ask questions about what they see, make them walk further, as well as spending quality time with you.

4. Chalks are a great way to take their artistic side outdoors and can lead to all sorts of games, chalk letters, numbers, pictures, chalk a shop front, chalk hopscotch, chalk a football net or chalk circles to bounce a ball in.

5. Use garden canes or cut down branches to build a den or wigwam, or even make a mini one for a soft toy with twigs.

What have you done lately that’s made your time with your kids special?


I'd love to know your thoughts!