Double Ended Irons (aka the Panasonic Hydrapower Steam Iron with multi directional sole plate).

The lovely Gourmet Mum singing as she irons at Panasonic HQ. The Panasonic Hydrapower Steam Iron. Basically an iron with two pointy ends, clever huh?
I don’t iron unless it is a wedding, job interview or funeral, but Mari did give me a lesson when we went to visit Panasonic last, and I admit, I was really impressed by this idea and how much time and effort it could save.
It is made with the same metal used for making car engines. It is tough. It’s not an iron, it’s a power tool. (Great for cuffs and collars, a.k.a You can iron your own bloomin shirt mate)
Pretty cool and iconic design too, in fact Panasonic commissioned a sculpture made out of the sole plates.
I’ve said enough about irons. If I were to buy a new iron, or take up ironing, this would be the tool for me.

Disclosure – I have been part of the Intelligent Living Mums Blogger programme. I received a vacuum to test and spent a day at Pansonic HQ, during which I tested this iron.


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