House fantasy: The Moroccan Den – Before

We’ve started on a den makeover, using the services of Jen from Love Chic Living. My first task was to send Jen some pictures of the current room and 5 words to describe the look we’re after. I’m fed up of this room being a playroom, I want it to be a room all the family can play board games in together, and a second space for grown ups to chill and read, when the kids are watching telly in the living room. The title playroom is misleading, as no child has played in it for years, it should really be titled the toy and junk cupboard.

We took delivery of a new Triton 3 seater sofa bed from Furniture Choice, I want this room to double up as a guest room, so it is important to have a comfy and easy to roll out guest bed. I love that this one has no separate cushions, so the kids can’t drag them around, and when it needs making into a bed, it is just a case of pulling it out.

My nephew and Dad have now slept on the bed and pronounced it really comfy. I’ve had a few naps on it, it really is the perfect place to escape to. It is longer than our old sofa, so perfect for grown up naps, and having no arms means it doesn’t take up room or intrude into the play space. At £299.99 it is reasonably priced.

So Jen, you wanted to see pictures of the room before embarking on your design. Believe it or not, this is after a huge clearout…we’ve still got some toys to take back up to the kids’ rooms.

My words would be grown up, retreat, tidy, calm and Moroccan. Please don’t hate me.

I look forward to showing you the after pictures.

Disclosure – the sofa was provided for review.


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  1. 28/08/2013 / 11:09 am

    That sofa looks fab Penny, and we can do something really cool here. A grown-up Moroccan retreat it is!

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