Leeds Castle, Kent: Queen of the Castle

This is Lady Baille’s room in Leeds Castle, Kent. Lady Baille was an Anglo- American heiress who spent her inherited fortune restoring the castle. It was her weekend home and she hosted lavish parties there.

The bedroom  was designed for her in 1936 by a French designer, Stephane Boudin, in the style of the French Regency (1715-1723). Everything was custom made to her requirements, down to the gold, silk and snakeskin dressing case which has her initials set in gemstones.  She would use it for travel between her three homes Kent, London and the Bahamas, as you do.

I love the simplicity of the sofa with the beautiful rich colours of the tapestry cushions. Black, gold, greens and orange make a really stand out colour scheme. There is plenty of gold and a shimmering surface to make the whole design feel grand. The armchairs have the ornate regency design. Lots of contrasting patterns and textures here though, I am not sure how relaxing I would find it.

What’s your house fantasy? What sofa would you have if you were Queen?


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  1. 03/09/2013 / 10:24 am

    I do like that Duresta Hornblower but I have just had my weekend castle redecorated, and I don’t think it would suit my weekday castle so well. I am still deciding what theme to go for when I redecorate my place in the Bahamas. Love from Queen Peg! xx

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