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How to create the perfect sleep situation

The perfect sleep situation

I have a good friend from Uni days, F, who believes in creating the ‘perfect situation.’ As someone who often accepts ‘good enough’ – in fact it has been my mantra since having kids – the perfect situation took a bit of getting used to. I spend time with my uni friends, often in a cottage, once or twice a year, and the perfect breakfast, the perfect G and T and the perfect hot tub soon convinced me.

Here is my perfect sleep situation

  1. Make your bed a second home. I love my grandma’s old candy stripe flannel sheets in Winter, and cool cotton sheets in Summer. I love big cushions and a new duvet cover. A duvet only lasts 5-10 years and a mattress 5-7. Pillows need to be replaced even more often as they loose their oomph.
  2. A long soak in a hot bath. At the bargain end I would go for Radox Muscle Relax, for a splurge,Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Oil is guaranteed to knock you out.
  3. Hot chocolate. A sweet, milky treat, the perfect sleepy time indulgence.
  4. Update your to do list. Empty your mind of all the things pulling on it. I tend to do this while the bath’s running as my office is next to the bathroom.
  5. A good book or a trashy magazine. Smart phone and tablet screens actually over stimulate a chemical in your brain which stops you sleeping. So avoiding them an hour or two before bedtime can help make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  6. Clean sheets. You can’t beat that feeling of crisp sheets.
  7. Clean PJs, or whatever you wear in bed. I am loving the Cath Kidston PJs, red stripy sleep jumper and bed socks above.
  8. This Works Sleep Solutions. I picked these up staying in a hotel as a freebie, one is a pillow spray and one you roll on your temples to help you breathe and relax. The whole range is about promoting sleep.
  9. My mum taught me this amazing sleep solution, a relaxation exercise. I use it whenever my children can’t sleep, it really is a miracle.
  10. Relax Kids CDs are amazing for helping to relax and empower children. There are loads of amazing sleep CDs out there for adults too. I will never forget dropping off to a sound of a waves CD provided by a B and B owner we stayed with in Canada.

The Fine Bedding Company helped me with my perfect sleep situation. After filling in a very short questionnaire their sleep expert sent us the perfect duvet.

Choosing a duvet is more complicated than you would think, so having an expert to guide us was great. I didn’t want down, and Mr A is allergic to dust so the Spundown duvet was perfect. Despite being Super King size and a whole 10.5 togs, it can go in the home washing machine at 60 degrees. Genius. A fresh and dust free anti allergenic duvet which retains quality even after washing. Perfect for dust allergy sufferers (and those who can’t be bothered to make a trip to the launderette).

It was exciting to discover that synthetic duvets actually surpass natural fillers. The Spundown is filled with The Fine Bedding Company’s unique Smartfil® advanced fibre technology and covered in a quick-drying soft-touch microfibre cover.

We answered that we get more hot that cold in bed, so the Spundown is perfect for us. It is really lightweight and moves with you. I can’t bear being trapped under a heavy duvet that just flaps back into place every time you kick it off a bit. But at 10.5 togs the Spundown is surprisingly good at keeping you just warm enough too.  This is thanks to the Smartfil® humidity and temperature control technology inside Spundown.

It is also amazing to finally have a super king duvet. No more fights over the duvet, even when the kids jump in at the weekend.

The duvet even comes in a robust zipped carry case, which is perfect for storing it under the bed in Summer, or taking it on camping trips.

The Fine Bedding Company have a duvet for everyone, starting from £35 for a single. They also have a sleep expert to help you find your perfect sleep situation. They retail in House of Fraser, independent stores and online.

Competition Time

You might want to enter The Fine Bedding Company facebook “Beautiful Sleep Photo Competition”, for the chance to win a relaxing escape for two at Carden Park Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa, and The Fine Bedding Company product to the value of £250. To enter people simply upload a photo of your own “sleeping beauties” before 18th November 2013 and tell us why it sums up beautiful sleep.




  1. Alexandra
    30/09/2013 / 2:44 pm

    Oh God, that all sounds so perfect right now, I’m feeling really sleepy!

  2. 30/09/2013 / 2:51 pm

    Love the moodboard and sleep solution – I’m terrible at playing on the ipad before bed and then wondering why I can’t drift off!

  3. ebabee
    30/09/2013 / 4:21 pm

    I love the idea of creating the perfect sleep situation… making me want to go to bed right now!

  4. 30/09/2013 / 6:21 pm

    ZZZZ um where am I?!!!!

    Yep totally agree a good sleep routine equals the perfect nights sleep. Loving those P.J’s too and agree there is nothing worse than being too hot in bed under a heavy duvet!

  5. 01/10/2013 / 8:59 pm

    Great post! I’ve always ensured that my bedroom is the perfect sanctuary to relax and to rejuvenate…scented candles are always a great way to help create a calming atmosphere too! I’m new to your site, recommended by a close friend (we were both ex GHS teachers!) and am loving your features. I have recently started my own blog and have found your site an inspiration…a fellow blogger I definitely aspire to! Katie xx

  6. 02/10/2013 / 2:04 pm

    Great tips Penny, we often ignore our body’s need to a good night’s sleep and expect it to perform on full energy the next day. My mum suffers from insomnia, and I know what a blessing it is to be able to sleep, we should never take it for granted!

  7. 23/12/2013 / 3:19 pm

    There are many factors that may impede our sleep time. As you mention, our temperature can effect our comfort and stop us from drifting off. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable and light bed clothing, circulate the air, buy a thinner blanket and try out some different sheet fabrics.

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