The one where we rehome a greyhound


The greyhound bus. Our journey to getting a dog begins

The process of getting a dog has been a slow one.  It should be – it is a big decision. But after much consideration, we have decided to re-home a greyhound.

The journey began with continued pester power from the kids. This dislodged nostalgia deep in the recesses of my husband’s brain for a sadly, long-departed Jack Russell/ Pekinese cross he had as a boy.

I have always been more of a cat woman, I’ve never had a dog. But I work at home, I am the person who is likely to spend most time with our dog, I need to know our dog isn’t going to completely disrupt my working day.  After copious research, I decided a greyhound would be the ideal pet. They like quick sprints, sleep lots and are generally very calm dog. We can have a jog together then s/he can sleep while I work. Kind of like a cat dog.

I tried to sell the idea of a greyhound to my family. Daughter was thinking Poodle, Husband was still thinking yappy terrier, Son just wanted a dog he can call Patch or Scooby. Greyhounds are bigger, and they come with names already. Hmmmm.

Then a friend of a friend on Instagram rehomed a greyhound, I was able to ask her questions and read her replies out to my husband. ‘Great family pet’, ’40 mph couch potato’ ‘catdog’. Her replies made him take note, someone was backing up my arguments.

We have been playing ‘keep up with the Jones’ with our lovely neighbours, the kids want a dog because Poppy and Arthur next door have one, but after two days looking after their spirited but affectionate sheep dog, we concluded a greyhound is a lot more chilled.

Then we stumbled upon a Retired Greyhound Trust stand at our local National Trust place. Meeting dogs and their owners, and having all our questions answered was great.  My husband asked about food and insurance costs and was pleasantly surprised; we had been worried a dog would cost a lot more. It was stressed that ‘UK based insurance’ is really essential, as without it you can find yourself facing crippling vet’s bills.

The rest of the family were convinced and we cemented the deal by buying the kids toy greyhounds from the stand. We called our local Greyhound Trust on the way home to register our interest.

We visited our local Greyhound Trust kennels and took a dog for a walk, we were in awe of her gentle, elegant nature, yet still slightly terrified that she could spin off at 40mph. She didn’t, she seemed more interested in us, and what she could sniff out on the way.

We’re given DVDs and booklets to help us understand more about re-homing a greyhound.

Our youngest is five this month, the youngest age at which our local trust will allow a greyhound to be re-homed. Tonight we have a home visit from the Greyhound Trust help us prepare our home, garden and family. Then we get to choose our dog.

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  1. 13/11/2013 / 9:59 pm

    I can totally confirm that greyhounds are just that. Am still a cat person though, but the badgering from my small boy for a ‘miniature poodle’ has begun. No idea how he ended up at that breed as his preference.

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