Taking Lego to the next level

lego footSo my son got so much Lego for his 5th birthday we’ve finally boxed the Duplo up for my nephew and started to think about how to store all the Lego. Lego foot, as everyone knows is really blooming painful.

it is really a magic time. Daughter and son between them now seem to happily create all manner of parallel dimensions, in which the creatures of Star Wars and the girls from Lego Friends co exist happily together. I’ve never seen them so absorbed. The whole family is excited, my husband and I sit there rebuilding our youth. My Dad reminisces about watching me and my brother playing Lego.

Beautiful times. but the chaos is still there. So I googled ‘Lego storage’, and well, this stuff is scary. Some people spend a LOT of time organising their bricks, or rather their children’s bricks. I posted Organised Housewife’s fascinating post about Lego storage ideas to facebook. Opinion was divided as to whether life was too short to sort Lego bricks by colour, but there are some great ideas here and it is good to know I am not the only parent with this dilemma.

Anyway, my point, Lego is serious stuff, I am loving immersing my family in it. While my husband and son work their way through the Star Wars collection I am thinking what next too. My 7yo daughter has been asking for a circuit set for Christmas after she did some basic stuff with one at school. But I’ve found one better: Lego education sets. WeDo Construction Sets enable children to build and program simple LEGO models that are connected to a computer. How cool is this:

Lego we do

Just to finish, a good friend shared this video with me, this man has a Lego annexe and explains the ‘dark ages’ between having Lego as a child and buying it for your own child perfectly.

Happy building!

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