2014, the year I insure my health



I like to try and think about my goals for the next year before Christmas, so I can relax, enjoy myself over the holiday and know what I have to look forward to. I have already been thinking over on my other blog, A Residence about getting outdoors more.

Maybe it is because I have just come back from yoga and I am feeling centred and relaxed, but I really want to put my health first in 2014. my health was one of the first things to suffer when life went parentshaped. But all it takes is one tiny health scare or stressful onslaught to remind you how precious and important your health is to the rest of the family too.

It is all too easy to take shortcuts when you have kids, they might be getting five a day and having their snacks monitored, but it isn’t that way for me. So admit it, who says no to their kids having a treat and then sneaks one behind their back? I am slightly guilty of that.

I am realising all you need to do is build a good habit to replace a bad one. So back in October I restarted an amazing yoga class. At first, having not done yoga for a while, I found it all a bit of a challenge. Many weeks I felt guilty about it and felt I should have been at home getting some work done. But over the last two weeks it all fell into place, the class flows, my mind and body knows the benefits of taking time out for yoga far outstrip an hour and a half on the mat, those niggles have gone.

So in 2014 it is time to work on some other niggles. Forgive the detail, but Yoga involves a lot of moving your fat aside so you can achieve positions more easily. We all have some fat, but I have some excess fat that needs to go.

I have to train for my part in sport relief, a six mile run in London and some of the blogger John O Groats to Lands End relay, I want to be able to run 10k again. The motivation is there, but the training isn’t. So kickstarting the running habit with a plan is the next step.

I also need to make sure I eat well in the day, my big chance to eat exactly what I want when the rest of the family aren’t here, so a perfect chance to eat the more obscure and healthy stuff they don’t like. It’s a no brainer, but I am out of the habit of buying the things I like. Sound familiar?

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