10 reasons to choose a hotel for your family holiday

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We’ve tried most types of holiday over the years, from caravans to self catering cottages, from tents to tipis, from cruise ships to villas and of course there have been a few hotel stays.

There is nothing better than snuggling up as a family in a giant hotel bed, with room service and a good film. Or getting up and realising you don’t have to make breakfast, or even better, that you ordered room service. Or a siesta in a freshly made bed.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. If you shop around for the best hotel deals, staying in a hotel can work out cheaper than self catering, once you’ve factored in the cost of food shopping and the cost of getting to a supermarket, especially if you are staying in a resort abroad.

2. Hotel packages can mean you know some or all of your food costs upfront. Fully inclusive deals can offer great value and allow you to relax and enjoy holiday treats without always worrying about what you are spending.

3. It can save you time, no need to shop, cook and wash up afterwards so you have more time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

4. Hotels give you a break, no beds to make, less tidying up, no cooking, cleaning or washing up. Surely that is part of the charm of a holiday?

5. Hotels give you freshly made beds, crisp white sheets, that in itself is a real treat for hardworking parents.

6. Hotels sometimes offer babysitting services and family friendly ones may have kid’s clubs or activities or special meal times and menus for children.

7. Family rooms are becoming much more spacious and some chains really work hard to cater to families with adjoining rooms, annexes and proper kids beds, rather than sofa beds.

8. There are always helpful staff on hand to bring snacks, give sightseeing advice and deal with any questions or problems.

9. Less is more. You spend all year tidying all the rooms in your house and looking for stuff, having one room and minimal stuff gives you the headspace to focus on spending quality time together.

10. Kids find hotels an endless source of fascination. From the tiny bottles of toiletries to the buffet breakfast, to bouncing on the bed, there is plenty of novelty to keep them happy.

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