8 ways to make the most of online auction sites

It is that time of year, when everyone is a bit skint, and thinking about quick ways to make up for the Christmas deficit. Chances are you have some unwanted gifts from Christmas lying around, or, now you have new things, some old things you no longer need. Time to get on top of the clutter and make it work for you!

Online auction sites seem like a great way to make money fast, but they can be time consuming. Here are some simple tips…


Don’t judge a book by its cover – often bargains are to be had when items are badly photographed, likewise people often pay more when the item uses a professional shot.

Bide your time – If you know what you want to buy, then give yourself a timeline to buy it, a week or a month. Monitor completed and new listings and don’t just bid on the first auction.

Shop Local -for example search for Pick Up only items on Quicksales in your local area, this reduces the pool of buyers greatly so you are more likely to get a bargain.

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure – be honest about the condition of things, but don’t be afraid to sell broken things, you never know who might need the parts.


Wording – use brand names and key words phrases people will search. Stick to sizes, make, model, colour, brand and condition. Use recognised describing words, rather than make up your own – vintage, shabby chic

Don’t reinvent the wheel – look at how others have listed their items and how well they have sold, don’t copy directly, but use ideas to formulate a killer listing.

Trust the market  – Unless something is really rare or valuable, trust the market to bring the price in line and avoid reserves and Buy It Nows. More people wil take an interest an watch a low valued item, so bidding will drive up the price.

Build a profile – Always buy some small things first to ensure a good profile and build buyers trust. There is no point selling a big value item with no profile, so start with some smaller items.

Post in collaboration with Quicksales, Australia’s newest online marketplace.


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