Reasons to celebrate with Tiger Feet Party


You may remember Tiger Feet Party, they sponsored an incredible £4000 towards Team Honk’s Sport Relief total. They sent me a £50 voucher to spend on party supplies and I wanted to see just how much fun we could have with it. Firstly I bought the candles that went in my two year old nephew’s birthday cake, I took some brilliant photos where they really light up his face, you can’t put a price on that!

And soon we are celebrating a wedding, my brother and his girlfriend get married next month. Guess where the confetti came from? And the florists ribbon? Yes, Tiger Feet party also do wedding supplies.

When we stayed at Someset Yurts I gave Annie’s and my kids party bags as an ice breaker, because although Annie and I had spent lots of time together, our families hadn’t. The kids are similar ages and seemed especially keen on the pirate party bag kits, which at only £2.49 for a telescope, ring, wallet, eye patch and bag of sweets is a complete bargain.


We also had a Hawaiian theme party when we stayed at Somerset Yurts. I love these party  supplies – plates and cups, and the kids loved the umbrella straws. Hawaiian is such a fab party theme, like an instant boost of sunshine.

Like these two, Mr A and Pappasaurus really loved being snapped wearing the Hawaiian Lei, can’t you tell?


Annie’s daughter pulled the Lei off best of all and was seldom seen without at least four garlands! They are the perfect prop to get you in the party/festival spirit.


I also ordered some yummy cake cases, I was really impressed with the quality of these party supplies, the cases really held their shape. Perfect treat for busy gardeners over half term! Banana muffin recipe to follow as it really was a perfect bake. We also bought some gorgeous love heart and funky pirate cases!

So £50 gives you a lot of party supplies for your money! Do check Tiger Feet Party out 🙂


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