Keep Aiming

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My year has been amazing, full of adventure, experience and new things.  I drew together lots of those threads at Britmums conference recently and spoke about my journey as a blogger. Its a year that has involved raising £32,000 for Sport Relief, organising a relay from Lands End to John O Groats, visiting incredible women creating Lasting Change in Tanzania for International Women’s Day.

I’ve been to Number 10, chatted to David Cameron.

As a family we’ve cruised the Caribbean, visited Wales and glamped at Somerset Yurts.

Last week I woke one morning at 4am utterly panicked that the adventure was over, perhaps, you know, that was it. I’ve become an adrenalin junkie, fuelled by the next mad adventure.

See it is very quiet here. I’ve just finished a couple of big projects, I’ve needed a break for a while, but it just seems too quiet. I think though, more likely, I have forgotten how to take a break.

I’ve read a couple of things recently, one was in Psychologies magazine on the train last night, it reminded me the best ideas come when you are not at your desk, and in all honesty my desk and I have been too well acquainted for too long this year.

Then I saw the quote above on @ignitethiscityair who I started following on Instagram recently.  It absolutely encapsulated everything I love about my mad freelance life.

I feel more focussed than I have in a while. I have some great things in mind to aim at. But perhaps things close to home need my focus.

Next week my brother gets married. Yesterday I spent a day helping with my nephew while my brother’s girlfriend got on with wedding plans. It was utter magic to be with my nephew, he’s two and he took me right back to being with my brother as a small child. It was amazing to be part of my family for a day.

I hugged my gorgeous sister-to-be tight, next time I see her she will be about to marry my brother, and headed back through South London, past all the places I used to live. I looked out the train window, remembered previous versions of myself and felt more certain than ever this week that where I am in life is where I want to be. I’m happy.

This weekend we are heading for a week of family, countryside and seeing friends. I can feel myself pulling back that arrow, ready to fire again. In the meantime, I am gathering focus.


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