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Easy to grow plants to brighten up your home

Easy to grow plants to brighten up your home

If like me, plants are a wonderful but daunting prospect on top of the other living things you already care for,  but you would love more in your home, then today’s guest post on easy to grow plants is perfect for you.

Houseplants can brighten up any room in your home, but unless you have green fingers then you should select specimens that are easy to grow and don’t require too much looking after. Some plants grow better in certain locations, so we at More Th>n have selected some easy to grow plants, for different rooms, that shouldn’t let you down.


Some of the best plants to grow in your bathroom are orchids. You can buy really beautiful exotic orchids for not very much money, but often they bloom for a little while then when their blooms die after a few weeks they are over. However it you grow them in your bathroom they will go on and on; once the blooms are over just leave them for a few weeks and a new shoot will appear followed by a new crop of blooms.  Bathrooms provide just the right amount of humidity to keep the orchid happy, and the secret is to avoid over-watering it; the roots should be kept just very slightly damp and never drenched with water.


The conditions in most kitchens tend to be quite variable being quite hot and humid when things are being cooked.

Begonias tend to do very well in kitchens, and there are many different varieties of these plants with their bright and colourful blooms to choose from. In nature they grow in tropical forests, so they prefer warm shady conditions and do not do well in full sun; perfect for a kitchen location. African Violets and Busy Lizzie are also excellent choices.


Bedrooms tend to be cooler rooms and even on hot summer days we generally try to keep them cool by closing the blinds and opening the window. The types of plants that tend to thrive in these conditions are those that generally flower in the winter. Cyclamen is an excellent choice and is definitely one of the easy to grow plants. There is a wide range of colours; a dwarf Cyclamen can make an attractive addition to your dressing table.  Azalea is another excellent choice, and if you want to want to create an oriental feel and wonderful scent you could grow winter-flowering Jasmine over a trellis.

Living room

We have deliberately left the living room to last as it is the place that most people think of putting their houseplants, but as living rooms tend to be warm and dry they tend to also be the least plant-friendly room in the house. Cacti are a good choice for living rooms, and there is a huge range to choose from. Christmas cacti are a popular choice and grow very well; Bunny Ears and Peruvian Apple are also excellent choices. All of them are very easy to grow plants and need virtually no attention as long as you don’t let they dry out entirely; water them once a week in the hot weather.

Collaborative post. Photo credit Bill Gracey.



  1. 09/07/2014 / 4:08 pm

    I really need to brighten our house up with plants, just not great with keeping houseplants alive! 🙂

    • parentshaped
      10/07/2014 / 8:06 am

      I used to be great, til we had kids!

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