5 Classic Caribbean Cocktail Recipes

5 caribbean cocktails

In a little celebration of the Commonwealth Games, and having cruised the Caribbean earlier this year, I thought it would be a great excuse to serve up some drinks inspired by the Caribbean teams participating in the games. I bring you 5 classic caribbean cocktail recipes.

If you want a genuine Jamaican cocktail then Planter’s Punch is a classic and often served in a pineapple. Here my daughter and I are enjoying a mocktail version for her, and a cocktail for me, on board Carnival Breeze.

Children learn about what kind of drinker they will become by watching their parents, so for me, as she enters the ‘curious’ stage, it is about me modelling responsible drinking, and seeing a cocktail as a special treat, a long drink to be savoured as part of the holiday ritual. Not as one of many.

Pina Colada was invented by a gentleman from Barcelona, in the Carribbean, because the story goes, the coconut cutters went on strike and he needed something else to put his hotel guest’s drinks in. The strained pineapple was added to his coconut cocktail and the Pina Colada was born.

I used a Funkin Cocktails cocktail mixer added to white rum, and topped with a cocktail cherry and a slice of pineapple – easy peasy!

Bahama Mama is of course, a cocktail of the Bahamas, it is thought it was made during the Prohibition era when the Bahamas was a smuggling hotspot. With coffee added to the rum, pineapple and coconut mix it will keep you a little more alert, here is the recipe.

Nutmeg is celebrated all over Greneda as a signature crop and so it is no wonder it turns up in a cocktail, why not try a Nutmeg Creeper?

Or you could always opt for the Dominican Mama Juana, which is used as everything from a flu remedy to an aphrodisiac. Rum, red wine, honey, tree bark and herbs, marinaded for a long time. Me, I am sticking to a Pina Colada!

Hope you have enjoyed my 5 classic caribbean cocktail recipes. Drink responsibly, and for more information on approaches to discussing and modelling drinking with children, please read about my day with Drinkaware.


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