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Love Aroma have totally changed my perception of scented candles. They were something I bought, or occasionally was given, then forgot about. But Love Aroma’s product range is impossible to forget.

When my Love Aroma package arrived, it was beautifully wrapped and scented, with Heyland and Whittle Citrus and Lavender, because I told Lewis at Love Aroma these were my favourite scents. The empty box lay in the hall for a few days,  and hit me with amazing wafts of scent every time I cam home – it really made coming home a joy.

Next I tried a Melt candle, ‘Joy’ comes in a tin, Lewis suggested as a keen traveller that I might enjoy taking a candle in my bag, to keep my clothes smelling amazing and to add some ambience while on holiday.  Joy has floral notes on a fresh bed of sparkling citrus, if it was a perfume I would definitely wear it, it is a very sexy and sophisticated scent.

On the living room mantlepiece we then tried Stoneglow Candles’ Nature’s Friend Lemongrass and Lime, a lovely punchy, zesty scent perfect for perking us up at the end of a long summer day and for bringing the outside in.

love aroma scents

My absolute favourite was Parfum’s Linen and Lavender Snow Crystal Candle. I burnt this at my desk and it sent subtle wafts of the most exquisite fragrance through the house. The premise here is couture perfume and it really delivers a highly sophisticated scent; the whole week, even when it wasn’t burning, the candle made my office smell incredible. It is a very rejuvenating, mood enhancing scent, it made all the clutter and chaos melt away.

Parfum’s candles are candles with a conscience, handmade in the UK with biodegradable, natural wax and perfume which is carbon neutral and non toxic.

pairfum candle

I have really reconsidered scented candles and what an incredible, uplifting role they can play in my life at home, and when travelling. I thought the service from Love Aroma showed excellent attention to detail and would definitely use them to treat myself or a friend to a gift. Although, of course, now I think candles should be part of the everyday, not just occasional gifts!



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