The Tiger that came for Quick Curry in A Hurry


It was one of those nights when the kids had eaten, but were still in and out of the kitchen and under our feet. We’ve been lazy cooks of late. Our kitchen is huge, but it’s also a walkway to the garden, large enough to play in and very badly designed, so often I find myself wishing for a galley kitchen I can just lock myself in, that or a takeaway menu. Tiger Tiger sent us some Jalfrezi Sauce, the perfect way to get a quick curry.

To make our quick curry we fried some Quorn and then added some aubergine and orange peppers, like tiger stripes, and then added the sauce.


It was a really tasty meal, served with one of those microwaveable packets of rice it was ready in 20 minutes. We thought the flavour was more authentic than most supermarket sauces we have tasted, Tiger Tiger stay true to Indian cooking processes in preparing the sauces. Nothing is ever hot enough for Mr A (you can take the boy out of Macclesfield…), but he agreed it was hotter than most packaged sauces and the taste was great.

It would definitely keep me away from the take away menu and felt much healthier too – lower in fat, lots more fresh veggies and a veggie source of protein that also appeals to carnivore Mr A. Perfect store cupboard staple to place strategically in front of your take away menus.

These were launched in Asda in June RRP £1.88, and there are also some mouthwatering chunky looking dips to add an extra dimension to your meal.


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  1. 31/08/2014 / 9:36 am

    Aaah you shouldn’t curse your big kitchen – I’d love one! Ours isn’t quite galley-small, but we could do with more space for playing so the littles aren’t round my feet while I’m cooking. This looks like a nice meal to make if you’re in a hurry – much cheaper than a takeaway!

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