Girls’ Night In: Can you have your cake and eat it?


It’s been a while since me and Emily from A Mummy Too did a video, but the cake decorating ones went down so well, we thought we would get together again. This time we’re not doing the cooking, we were sent a hamper of cake to test and a camera to record our antics. It’s a hard life!

If I am honest, I’ve always thought WeightWatchers wouldn’t be my choice of diet,  I like to go back to basics of unprocessed veggie food, but I often come unravelled after a few weeks of ‘being good’, when faced by the temptation to eat things like cake. So I was interested to know whether I would notice the difference between a cake and a low fat cake or biscuit.

So we decided to test these products on taste…and be honest about how we approach food.

What do you think, have you tried these, do they work for you?

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Photo by Emily – dead good isn’t she?



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