Julia Donaldson – The Flying Bath


Julia Donaldson’s books are always eagerly awaited. The Flying Bath is a lovely tale about bath toys that come to life and fly the bath around the world, to help other creatures with emergencies.

The book is a little young for my two who are nearly 6 and 8, but they were happy to read and to tell me what they thought cousin B who is 2 might like about it!

We liked…

…predicting Julia’s trademark rhymes

…that the story was full of imaginative possibilities, what if the bath did fly?

…bath toys coming to life and a bath that flies, this could inspire more bath time play ideas

…it teaches about what we need water for, and could be a useful way to teach children to value water

…it features bees and plants and honey, another chance to reinforce how important these things are to the world!

…David Roberts simple illustrations…I loved the detail in the buildings especially.


The Flying Bath is published by Macmillan, £11.99 hardback.


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