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Barbie Campervan and Tawny Horse


barbie campervan

Children love toy caravans, there is something about having a world in miniature, a house on wheels they find endlessly entertaining. Quite frankly the best thing about The Barbie Campervan is the toilet. As a caravan owning family we have owned a fair few toy caravans from Fisher Price to Sylvanian and now to Barbie – it is always the toilet facilities that seem to cause not just hilarity but endless play.

Having your own bathroom with shower and a toilet, is just one of the many luxuries on board. Shame Ken is just so tall, but even Barbie doesn’t quite fit, I guess you have to suspend your disbelief for this bit?

barbie camper van

The Barbie Campervan detaches from the van to allow the entire back section to open up making a giant play area with sleeping, washing, easing and BBQ facilities. It’s great if you don’t have room for a Barbie House. I think the play possibilities are pretty good too. Ken was a bit tall for the car seats, so in the end we popped him in the back. I think my kids managed to stick the stickers on the inside, but not the outside here too.

barbie camper van

The kitchen is pretty impressive, Ken is making Barbie a fry up, and it looks like he has been baking fairy cakes too. There is also a BBQ serving area with bar stools.

barbie camper van

Barbie especially likes the liquidiser, banana milkshakes are her favourite.

barbie camper van

After a busy day in the hot tub (I couldn’t find it to photograph, I suspect my kids have taken it in the bath with them) it is time to tuck up in bed and watch some surfing on the giant TV. The kids (again we have a little doll we pretend is the baby, but could I find her?) or Barbie’s girlfriends, can tuck up in two fold down bunks.

barbie camper van

Ken slept very comfortably

barbie camper van

But Barbie was up early to go horse riding. The Tawny Horse set comes with a Barbie, not in a ball gown as you see below, but in an outfit of faded jeans and floral print t-shirt, tall brown riding boots, a brown belt and a helmet. Don’t ask me where she left that outfit, it is in my daughter’s room somewhere!

barbie horse tawny

Set includes Barbie doll, Tawny horse, carrots, hay, one bucket and a brush.

barbie horse tawny



The camper van is made with fairly thin plastic, but the design is clever and the play possibilities are good – eating, sleeping, BBQing, hot tubbing and of course washing and toilleting. If you show kids how to take it apart and put it back together they won’t force elements. The play area that opens up when the caravan unfolds into two halves is vast and makes this a great toy for children to enjoy with friends and siblings. There is enough elbow room for two children to play. My son is 5 and enjoyed playing with Ken alongside his sister, both complained it was too pink though, and that became a bit of a stumbling block for us.

RRP £64.99 (Dolls not included).

Tawny the Horse is a lot better than I remember my dolls’ horses ever being, his head nods convincingly and he has a lovely blonde mane to plait. He even has a transparent holder to stop Barbie falling off and ruining play. The riding gear is fun too.

RRP £39.99



  1. 12/11/2014 / 4:49 am

    What a fabulous review! Giggles galore as I remember hours of play with my barbie, can’t wait til my lo is big enough for one!

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