Littlest Pet Shop Playset Review and Video


We were asked to review the Littlest Pet Shop Playset from Hasbro. The playset is the home of teenager Blythe who lives above the Littlest Pet Shop. She is a stylish teen as you can see from her bedroom.


The sets can be clicked together to build a street, we tested the pet spa, cake/treat shop and Blythe’s bedroom. You can lay them out horizontally or vertically to create a street or tower block or bit of both.

The cake shop had tiny cakes in a display cabinet and stools for pets to sit at. The spa has sinks, a bath and taps/shower and a face mask which seemed to be L’s favourite part of the set.


Blythe hangs out with a vast array of charismatic animals, these were the main appeal to my daughter  – they are essentially collector’s items in their own right, but the playset gives the collection more meaning. There is also a TV series and an accompanying app, which bring Blythe’s whole world to life.

The crying panda went down especially well in our house. L also enjoyed giving the pets tiny clip on rosettes, (something she can relate to as we have a dog who wins the odd one!) and in the video you will see L clipping earrings on to Blythe.


The sets are ‘flatpack’ which was of limited interest to my daughter, she isn’t a big fan of construction, I suspect she got it from me – but may appeal to other young girls. But in actual fact, after 5 minutes each set was constructed and good to go. The back drops are reversible, so you can create a whole new story environment, again, she found this fiddly, but playing together we might swap them.


The front door and the top of Blythe’s bedroom opens up to allow you to move characters around.


For avid littlest pet collectors and fans of the TV series, this is fun and compact way to extend that into more play opportunities.

See the set in action, as L animates Blythe to give us a tour of all 3 Littlest Pet Shop Playsets.

L was really keen to explain the features and really likes the pet element of Littlest Pet Shop, and has done for some time. She wasn’t keen on Blythe, and I think perhaps when I next visit, one of the pets will have taken over Blythe’s bedroom. She has also suggested she would love to see some ‘less girly’ Littlest Pet Shop Playset add ons – a science lab, a vet’s surgeon and a programmer’s workshop (she is doing programming at school at the moment).

I had a look back at this earlier Littlest Pet Shop Playset review we did, when they were really tiny! Haven’t they grown, my kids and the whole Littlest Pet Shop Playset concept?

Collaboration with Hasbro – we received the set and were compensated for our time.



  1. 04/12/2014 / 10:42 am

    It looks fab, lovely review The pet that is crying though, really made me giggle!

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