Oh You Pretty Things – Camp David, Unicorns and Artemisia

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Some lovely blogging friends of mine have started a linky Oh You Pretty Things which I love, because it is all about objects and their meaning. This week it is about Christmas presents.

My husband bought me these gifts, I have rarely read autobiographies or books about celebrities in life, but as I get older I think I am finding them quite soothing and fascinating. It is just incredible to be allowed into someone’s head. A friend recommended David Walliams’ book and I was really struck by how much struggle and hard work came before Little Britain. How it nearly never was. The book ends, after a roller coaster ride, with Little Britain becoming big. My kids got lots of his books for Christmas, another friend has bets on him being the next Children’s Laureate.

I first got given Penhaligons perfumes when I was shortlisted for the Interior Blog Awards over on A Residence. I came home with a scent library and fell in love. Unicorns are ‘cool’ right now, but I am a stubborn thing, so that’s not important. But I guess they do demonstrate that Penhaligon’s succeed in being on trend, traditional, flippant and mysterious.

I’ve spent AGES smelling it, trying to work out what it reminds me of. So reading this on Penhaligans’s site made me smile:

So so true! Now if I could just unlock that little recess of my mind…

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  1. 14/01/2015 / 5:17 pm

    Totally with you on smell being about memory. I have a hand cream bought some years ago that smells just as I remember my mum smelling! It something very precious!

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