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The Appeal of J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore

Scott Smith The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: This Way To Hogwarts

Credit: Scott Smith The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: This Way To Hogwarts



The Harry Potter franchise quickly turned from a book series into a global phenomenon, spanning

almost fifteen years at its peak. Youngsters who fell in love with the first book genuinely grew up

with the franchise, many of whom were adults by the time the final film was released in 2011.

The fan base never stopped growing either, with more young people picking up the books and

queuing outside cinemas as the series progressed. Sadly, all stories come to an end though, which

has left a giant hole in the following of one of the most successful franchises ever known – but the

Harry Potter universe hasn’t burnt out yet.


If you felt a little empty after the credits rolled on the final film, you’re not alone. It appears that

Rowling herself felt an urge to continue building her magical world, and so Pottermore was born.

The site contains exclusive new writings, an interactive community, and plenty of games to practice

potion-making or spell-casting.


The website takes you on an immersive journey through the books, chapter by chapter, with secrets

unlocked along the way if you find the right items in a beautifully illustrated, video game-like

environment. As you progress you’ll find new tales from Rowling to expand on the seven book series

and insights from the author about key characters, plots and hidden secrets from the Harry Potter



Pottermore focuses on the books, rather than the film franchise, but aside from the actual content

on the site, the experience is incredibly engaging. Although the website is clearly aimed at younger

people there’s still plenty for grown up fans to get out of Pottermore – and it’s great to see the

commercial side of the Potterverse taking a back seat. It’s completely free, and a community of fans

chip in to keep the world living on (though the entire franchise has grown so large that there are

plenty of other ways to step into the magical world if you want to).


Moreover, it’s a really safe environment. For parents in particular, who may worry about their

children’s online lives, it’s incredible to have a website that is so tailored to the needs of young

people, especially one that is insulated so well from intrusive advertising or links that could lure a

child away from the game.


British Potter fans are lucky enough to be able to visit many of the sites from the stories in person,

but for everyone else, three’s Pottermore (and seemingly endless new editions of the books) to keep

the characters living on. Four years after the final film screened the Harry Potter experience shows

no sign of fading away. J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore proves the franchise still has more to give and its

fan base is still hungry for more. Which is probably the most impressive thing about the entire

franchise – that it has remained such an important story, for fans of all ages.


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