Sleep comes

He bought these crystals at the shop in Attenborough Nature Reserve. I said he could have 3, so he picked three different ones. 

Then he asked me to read the signs, we joked the one about warding of negativity should be for L, his older sister who lost it in the last five mins of our 5k walk, in which we got battered by hailstones.

So he put his choices back and went for 3 amethysts, this stone’s special power is to bring calm and sleep.  I rolled my eyes at buying three the same, but then I saw it meant a lot to him. 

At night his imagination charges, he can’t stop playing and making up adventures. Even a 5k walk didn’t  tire  his 6 year old legs.

The night before last he elected himself president of upstairs, the red bath mat became the red carpet. An old shoe rack I was discarding, the table for his CD player. He made a bed out of teddies and his duvet, on the landing. He lay there listening to Danny Champion of the World and willing sleep. Too tired to argue, I listened in from my office down the hall, it brought back happy memories of primary school story time. Finally at 9.30pm sleep came and I scooped him up before max the dog could walk over him and wake him.

This morning I found him on his bedroom floor, amethysts on the pillow. 

Not sure if it was school and tennis that wore him out, or the amethysts. Or a placebo. But sleep came quick.


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