Crafts and play from our travels…

Sometimes it is good to have a little trick up your sleeve when travelling with kids. Baker Ross sent some of their summer sewing kits, they are light and mess free enough to throw in your bag when travelling. Last year we enjoyed making passport covers, this year it is sea creatures!

Crafts that travel well

Both of mine like sewing. L is 8 and made the whale, while 6yo Mr G whizzed out a turtle and half a clowne fish while we were on holiday with Snaptrip in Kent earlier in the year. He is a ‘prolific’ artist, it’s hard to get him to finish things, but great to see him settled, and concentrating on something (other than Lego!). These kits would be great for a long car or plane journey –  kids have everything they need in one bag and no glue or mess. Miss L found this easy but satisfying and those kits are inspiriting her to try her own creations out.


Holiday Shopping

I am just wondering what to do with these cute paper bags, also from Baker Ross. I think they would make perfect shopping bags for the Peter Rabbits we brought back from the Lake District, don’t you?

My kids love buying little treasures on holiday and creating whole new play scenarios. They bought mini food erasers, pirate treasure chests, gemstones and a toy helicopter in Ambleside with spending money from grandparents, they had so much fun setting up shops and smuggling treasure across the lakes to secret islands…while we recovered from a busy day with a drink in the pub.

Holidays inspire a whole new world of play. We saw all sorts of RAF and mountain rescue helicopters and planes while walking along Lake Windermere, and of course little islands and rowing boats. Our trip to the World of Beatrix Potter was really inspiring too – more on that to come, but it is full of beautiful little windows into the world of the stories.

‘Now my dears,’ said Old Mrs Rabbit one morning, you may go down the lane, or into the field, but don’t take the helicopter, smuggle any gems from pirates, or buy any burgers or hot dogs….


Gnome Again!

We left our garden in the capable hands of this guy while we went away (and my lovely neighbour did some watering). This is Mr G’s gnome, and what do you mean is it finished? ‘Dur Yeah!’

You can of course paint a name or message on the board he is carrying. Or just paint it black! You could add a facial features too, but not when you are 6 and your next crazy scheme is calling you…I think he is rather charming, don’t you.

They come in a set of four to paint as you choose, again from Baker Ross.



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