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7 magical ways to live at home like you do on holiday


Breakfast at Levante Beach Resort

The first thing we did yesterday was make pancakes for breakfast. It was the kids’ idea and it really was a lovely way to recreate the pancake station at Levante and the crepes we ate in Paris. Yes we’re back from a summer of magical travel blogging adventures, first Levante, Rhodes with Mark Warner Holidays, a 10th wedding anniversary at Holbeck Ghyll Hotel in the Lake District and then Camping La Croix du Vieux Pont in France with Canvas Holidays.


Pancakes and waffles at Levante

It got me thinking, there must be other ways to recreate that holiday feeling at home, how can we live at home like you do on holiday?  My first thought after a holiday is always to try and get everything done at once, I was so fed up when I lost the kids’  uniform order I had nearly done on my phone on our first night back, but in some ways I’m glad I lost it – it prompted me to unwind more slowly and keep hold of some of the holiday habits that made me happy.

Cocktail hour


Summer Breeze at Levante Beach Resort


Why not recreate your favourite drink to bring some instant warmth to life back at home? Mine would be a Summer Breeze just as I drank by the pool bar in Levante, Rhodes, as sun slid into the sea and the kids took their last jumps into the pool.  Or a Mai Tai sipped on the terrace, overlooking the pool as we wound down after a day’s watersport or swimming, waiting for the feast that is the Levante buffet to unfold. Or a dash of cassis syrup in white wine, as I drank when we visited my cousin who lives in France. Her husband used to be a chef, I loved that as we got close to dinner being ready they would press an aperitif into our hands and offer round some snacks – crisps, almonds, melon. Starting dinner like this was such a lovely ritual.

Cook something you loved


Apple Torte at Levante

Find the recipe for that dish you loved on holiday. I’m cheeky and always ask the chef if I really fall in love with something. Whether it’s old fashioned Devon scones, Greek Salad or baked camembert, discovering new food can be one of the best things about a holiday. I brought some lovely Greek recipes back from Mark Warner Levante, where the food was incredible, and I can’t wait to try and recreate them here. I’m also on the hunt for a Tarte Provencale recipe after eating an incredible one in a cafe in Paris. Last year I recreated the food we ate at Corfu Club and the courgette and feta crustless quiche is still one of my favourite dishes.

French Breakfast is one I want to recreate at home at the weekend.


Breakfast at Canvas Holidays


Fresh sheets


Suite at Mark Warner Levante

You can’t beat the feeling of crisp white sheets after a day in the sunshine. Being your own housekeeping department again is less fun, but having freshly laundered sheets reminds you just how wonderful clean sheets or a new duvet cover can be. Coming home to your own bed after a holiday can be a treat, especially if you have spent anytime in a tent, I really missed Camp Bestival and camping this year.


A magical vista


View to Windermere from Holdback Ghyll

I often find myself missing the sea or stunning views when I come home. Seeking out the amazing views near to you that you can reach quickly can help, mine is a hill top a short car journey away, or the sun setting over the river which I can reach by foot. An open window, just a for a few minutes at the start of the day, or a cup of tea in the garden, bare feet on the grass, if the weather permits, before the world wakes up, can help recreate the same feeling of waking up to a new world.


Our favourite hill back in Nottingham


Watch the sunrise


Sunrise in Levante, Rhodes

Getting up early to see the sunrise, taking a siesta, watching the sunset, marking the evening with a shower and a change of clothes. They may not be practical everyday, but why not try to cultivate some of those holiday habits now and then?


Permission to relax

Create a distraction free reading sanctuary or place to lounge – whether it is a lounger in the garden or a corner of the living room, why not spend some time creating a corner to truly relax in? We spend more time idly reading on holiday,  give yourself space to do that at home too.


Have you got any other ways to live at home like you do on holiday?


*We were guests of Mark Warner and Canvas holidays.


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  1. 04/09/2015 / 11:58 am

    I always try to put on clean sheets before we set off on holiday. It makes coming home that little bit nicer.

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