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Where the really wild parents are #30daysofrewilding

30 Days of Rewilding

Today I want to share the lovely book 30 Days of Rewinding by Lucy AitkenReid.  Rather than just saying ‘we should get kids out into nature more’, it talks about what happens when grown ups ‘rewild’ themselves. The incredible transformations that falling in love with nature can have on your family. Yep, permission for grown ups to be wild.

I really enjoyed dipping into Lucy’s book, I say dip because it is written to be dipped into, it takes the form of short chapters, easily digested on the fly, focused on people who have found transformation through reconnecting with nature. Link at the bottom of the post, it’s available via Amazon and as a PDF vis Lucy’s blog. Reading it made me want to share a bit of my own ‘rewilding’.


My rewilding moments

Over the last week I’ve had the painful task of sorting out years of images which were clogging up my mac. Once I sorted them it was a joy to go through them, and suddenly I could see patterns developing. This was taken about two years ago, at Nymans, at a National Trust event, where a group of bloggers met up with people passionate about the outdoors, including author Rob Cowen and David Bond of Project Wild Thing.

I don’t know why this picture stood out, I think partly it was because I suddenly noticed that there I am laughing with Monika, from Mum on the Brink, who I spent a weekend with recently, in a field, in a caravan at Blogstock – we look so happy and at ease outdoors, Blogstock had a similar effect on my thinking to this day – completely liberating. And the kids are just following suit, that’s Deborah‘s daughter, toasting a marshmallow on the campfire.

There’s also Emma and Kelly in this picture, bloggers who have remained firm friends over the years. So I shared it on Facebook, with the people I remembered being there, and then the stories of rewilding emerged…



People commented on how the event had been a catalyst for more time in nature with their kids. Kelly moved to the country to a house with woods, The Boy and Me has dedicated lots more time to outdoor adventure and to blogging it, Monika remembered her outdoor life pre kids and has been on so many adventures since.

I love Trees

Me, I fell in love with trees, I wrote this post about nature being my religion, and it’s true, I have found such solace and happiness in being wild again. I even apologised to my Dad for complaining about walking as a kid. We’ve taken on fells and many long walks and loved it. And when you tell the universe it answers, this summer we worked with The Woodland Trust, and now as members we get lovely ideas for things to do in the wild through the post each month. If you tell the universe you like the outdoors, people keep inviting you into it. We’ve kept the camp fire burning too, even in the rain.

Conkers Centre, National Forest, Bushcraft and Barefoot Trail - 06


30 days of rewilding

Lucy’s book really encouraged me to try new ways of rewilding, and strengthened my reasons for exploring my own love of nature with my kids. When you are on a journey, it’s important to have inspirations to take with you, and I love that these are bite size. Lucy’s book consists of thirty daily readings that will inspire busy parents to rewild themselves and bring their families along for the adventure, it is really going to appeal to anyone who is keen to explore, or already exploring their own rewilding. I know we need to get out in the wild more in the week now we are back to school. Lucy says:

As you know, I am super passionate about helping families fall in love with nature, and I believe the earth is constantly extending an invitation to do just that. I want to share some stories to help families get in touch with the wild in their bones!


From a brick house in Peckham to a yurt in a forest in New Zealand

It begins with Lucy’s own story and the move she made with her husband and two young children from a Victorian terrace house in South London to a yurt on 25 acres of forest in New Zealand.

Through conversations with a variety of people from authors to CEOs and visits to projects around the world from a Forest School in Germany’s Black Forest to a playgroup in South London, people are invited to restore their connection with nature.

There are the mothers who find deep well-being as a result of meeting under each new moon, youth at risk who have had their feet set back on track through wilderness trails, and families who have begun a life-long fling with the wild.

30 Days of Rewilding is released through Amazon and Lucy’s blog Lulastic – check the link for more information!


Have you found yourself rewilding as a parent? Or has the wild always been there?

30 Days of Rewilding



  1. Domestic Goddesque
    22/09/2015 / 2:00 pm

    That really was such an experience. I couldn’t have known then that we’d move where we did but it was great prep work! We spend a lot of time den-building and marshmallow roasting is our favourite playdate activity!

    • parentshaped
      23/09/2015 / 4:16 pm

      Stop it, you make we want to move again! So pleased and so true though- great prep!

  2. 29/10/2015 / 3:31 pm

    Rewilding? I like it. Like the George Monbiot book. As you say, there’s a lot more to establishing a love of nature than just pushing a buggy through the woods every now and then.

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