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Home Makeover: A Magnetic office plaster wall – Part 2


Watching plastering is strangely therapeutic. It was a lovely breather among the chaos of my entire office being moved to the playroom. Andy Roche is a local tradesman, found via a Nottingham magazine, who applied the Thistle Magnetic plaster for me.  He’s been prompt, tidy and utterly reliable. While I took photos he joked that he was used to people watching him at work and that people usually ask him if he can also ice cakes. He can’t, but he can make a magnetic office plaster look perfect.


Thistle Magnetic Plaster is installed the same way as standard plaster and should take as long as the usual plaster process, there is lots of info and a video here. Andy has done a brilliant job and I am really impressed with the quality of the plaster too, a friend who had also just had some plastering done was pretty envious as we stroked the silky, glass like surface. So that’s the magnetic office plaster wall, the first hurdle of the office makeover jumped.


The plaster dries much lighter, from black to grey, so it should be really easy to paint. Andy suggested I leave it at least three days before painting and that the first coat should be 50:50 water and paint.

The second hurdle is the magnetic bit, well, some people doubted it would even work, well here’s the proof!

My head is filling with ideas now for this wall now. Motivational quotes, photos and art postcards are high on the list. I’ve had a chat with Thistle Magnetic Plaster suppliers First4Magnets who suggested the best magnets for the surface and the look I want. They also suggested chalkboard paint which I absolutely loved the idea of. I also ordered some of my instagram photos, and some photo magnets from Cheerz. My magnets arrived so I am starting to play, while I procrastinate over painting!


Today the Harvey Maria floor goes down. The next hurdle is to convince Max the greyhound  to part with the yucky red carpet. I was busy painting skirting with the Dulux paint leftover from the kids’ room makeovers last year, while Max clung to the half of the carpet I haven’t pulled up yet. I showed him the new floor boards from Harvey Maria, I know it is going to feel really warm underfoot and be much more stylish, it looks so much like real wood too.


Max came to mourn as I ripped up the red carpet and inspected the decorating.


But, Max will have this lovely rug to snooze on instead. Here’s a sneak preview at some of the items I have chosen from Wayfair. I was looking at a really bright industrial feel with pops of yellow, but I decided I wanted something more me, and less Pinterest and trend led.


Clearing a room out is never without an emotional moment, this room used to be my son’s room and there are doodles from his toddler years on the walls (most kids have a felt pen mishap or two at some point) and I even found some little scribbles he must have done while lying under my desk when he couldn’t sleep one night.


I’m so excited about the magnetic office plaster wall , and can’t wait to bring it all together, just the painting, styling and the joiner for the desk to sort now.

A bit of late night skirting board painting, last night, with a stinking cold. I love the wall now it has dried, I am almost tempted not to paint it! Let’s see once the floor is down.


Have you got any makeovers planned this weekend?



    • A Residence
      02/11/2016 / 6:45 pm

      It really is fab, thanks!

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