Gifts For Him: Ralph Lauren Polo EDP For Men and Travel Bag

Ralph Lauren Polo is a lovely woody, warm and spicy scent – the top note is cardamom, heart Blue Orris and base Vetiver

I wanted to treat Mr A, for being so willing to hold the fort while I went off around the world, to Iceland and Madrid. Ralph Lauren offered us some Polo Blue Eau De Parfum and a weekend bag to review.  I had to look this up as Mr A was concerned it was for girls, but according to Men’s Health Mag, EDP is a term used for male and femal fragrance, it lasts the longest as it has the highest concentration of pure man fragrance at 8-15%.


Now the kids are older and we are both self employed, we’ve reached the holy parental grail, where passing the baton of being in charge is a pretty smooth move and our roles are more balanced. But being in solo charge is tiring for either of us, especially when there are big things going on in our work lives. Mr A is having a huge and exciting time at work currently, it involves monsters, how cool is his latest video game The Last Leviathan?

Although it isn’t completely finished yet, this month we watched excitedly as it become green lit, or approved on video game selling platform Steam. It’s arc of user approval, via votes was pretty dramatic and it rose to 5th place within days. I’m so excited for him and all the team, I often borrow the SuperPunkGames office to work in, they are a fab bunch.


We’ve worked hard to build a set up which allows us both to follow our dreams. Both being self employed is exciting, nerve wracking at times, but also the only way we know nowadays. Having someone who really gets being self employed and carving your own path to lean on is wonderful.

Eileen Doran Castle, Scotland

Ralph Lauren Polo is a lovely woody, warm and spicy scent – the top note is cardamom, heart Blue Orris and base Vetiver – it really suits Mr A. I am familiar with cardamons, I love them in food, and in my gin. Vetiver is a tropical grass, used in fragrance since ancient times, which brings a woody earthiness. Blue Orris is one of the most expensive perfumery ingredients and comes from the Iris flower. It brings sweetness to the aftershave. It also influenced the packaging design, I love the Cobalt blue bottle.

It gets the seal of approval from both of us and would also make a great gift for Father’s Day.


Look out for the free travel bag when you buy the scent at House of Fraser, Debenhams, John Lewis, Boots, The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop.


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