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Travel themed wedding ideas – place cards and an ice breaker

Travel themed wedding ideasI was clearing out another unpacked box in the garage – where do they keep coming from – when I found the table plan for our wedding and our wedding place cards. It was pre my travel blogging days, but we already had a bit of a travel theme going on.

Weddings often bring people together from all over the world, we had guests from Iceland, Greece, London, Brighton and Cheshire for starters. So a travel wedding theme is a great icebreaker.

I also found a printout of our website. We were ahead of the times back in 2005, and instead of paper invites, we created a website. I say we, my brother was doing his MSc in Web at the time and living with us in our spare room in Streatham, the wedding website was his way of paying rent.

It was a labour of love for him at the time, but probably good training, we could see online was going to be big, now he sorts out UX for massive companies. A wedding website seems like a much more normal thing to do nowadays, you can get stunning animated online invites with sophisticated questionnaire online RSVP systems. I kept telling him he should set up a wedding RSVP service.

Wedding place cards with a travel theme

Each table had a place as it’s theme, we chose places we had lived, holidayed, our honeymoon destination and Macclesfield, our shared hometown.

With a bit of pre-wedding help from our guests, we managed to get postcards from each place to use as place cards for our guests. We wrote our guests names on the address side and asked them to ‘write us a postcard from our wedding’. They are a mix of wishes for the future, silly tales of who did what on the table and stickers and drawings from the younger members of the party. We gave each table a bag of stickers and pencils, balloons and paper planes. It was a great ice-breaker.

We honeymooned in Canada, taking a road trip from Quebec to New Brunswick where Mr A was born and back to Montreal. So the top table had Canada as a theme. For New Brunswick I found these vintage postcards on Ebay – sadly we didn’t get to the Magnetic Hill, but it sounds awesome. It’s a gravity hill, a type of optical illusion created by rising and descending terrain, at the northwestern edge of the city of Moncton, New Brunswick. I really want to take the kids back one day to retrace our road trip in a motorhome!

Travel themed wedding ideas

We had to have a table for our joint hometown Macclesfield, and I remember that one postcard definitely featured the pub we hung out in as teenagers and where we bumped into each other in again, just after I finished uni. This was pre-smartphones and social media which have made us all so much more conscious of documenting the little things in life these days.

If we got married again now, I would use my own photos to make postcards of all the places we have been, as my own photography has got much better since then.

Travel themed wedding ideas

Greece was a bit cheeky, but so were the people we put on that table. This was to honour an amazing holiday together in Corfu, where we swam through the Channel of Love in Sidari which means you will stay in love forever. It is also an island we returned to with the kids.

Travel themed wedding ideasWe had lots of friends in Hove where we first lived as a couple. Seaside postcards nestling among country flowers on this table.

My brother even designed a ‘Bluresque’ representation of the two of us. I remember posing on the sofa for the photo he based them on. I still have it somewhere, a very unglamorous bit of after work posing. I found a bandeau type top to represent my wedding dress and Mr A flung a suit jacket on and folded a piece of paper to look like a handkerchief in his pocket.

Travel themed wedding ideas

We looked quite like this in real life on the day I think, so he did a really good job!

The best bit about blogging is being nudged to share old photos, I love making the most of ALL those wedding photos. I must blog our honeymoon one of these days too.

I would love to know, what theme/s did you have at your wedding? Where did you honeymoon? What you have planned for an upcoming wedding? What themes you have enjoyed as a guest?

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I'd love to know your thoughts!