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5 super flattering swimsuits

You’re in the changing room, sweating gently from the overhead lights which beautifully illuminate every wobbly bit, including legs as pasty as a lump of cod. Trying to disentangle yourself from another swimming costume which looked vaguely promising on the hanger, but delivers nothing once on.

This might not be your swimsuit buying reality, but it is generally mine. I don’t care how many body image campaigns tell me to stop being hung up about being in a swimming costume,  finding one that makes you feel good is annoying.

Until I found absolutely loads of swimsuits at Simply Beach. So many of them have massive potential to make women feel great, whether it is at the local pool, or on holiday. I loved so many of them it was really hard to narrow it down, and if none of these are your thing, have a look yourself as there are crazy amounts of stunning suits to choose from.

Five Flattering women’s swimming costumes

Top Row L-R

I love the way the pattern slims and accentuates the waist on this Taitian Temptress, by Miracle Suit, and the neckline is really pretty too.

This Phax Davui one-piece stripe is so effortless, stripes immediately make you look together, but the shape is comfortable and casual.

Fantasie have a few designs with adjustable leg length, or Charmline have this feather themed one with straps and adjustable leg lines too. It’s sporty and great for everyday swimming, but more striking than usual too.

Bottom row L-R

Pour Moi use multi-control fabric with really flattering and clever panelling in a range of patterns. They look like you are wearing a lot less suit than you are.

This Maryan Mehlhorn Rainforest suit is a great print example, it makes a refreshing change from floral and animal print patterns.

An oversized bag is great for making you feel smaller and hiding behind, big sunglasses and jewellery all help me feel good too. I love the colour of this bag.


Top tips for buying a swimming costume you feel good in

We should all just jump into our costumes like we did as kids and not get so hung up on it all. But that’s easily said, confidence tricks are important part of letting go and relaxing. We all deserve a costume we feel good in. Here are my top tips for buying a new swimming costume.

  1. Put the time into it, it’s tempting to put it off, but it’s not a job that’s fun under pressure.
  2. Go for something that you can move totally comfortably in and feel right it, it’s no fun constantly pulling at a costume, or being exposed by a grabby toddler.
  3. The high street doesn’t always have a great selection, especially out of holiday season. Specialist online retailers have much bigger ranges and much more sophisticated figure enhancing and supporting designs, but be prepared to try a few options and return the ones you don’t want.
  4. Know your shape, there is a good guide to body shapes and choosing costumes here.
  5. Even if you aren’t a big fan of pattern in everyday life, when it comes to swimming costumes pattern is brilliantly distracting.
  6. Look for costumes that cover the parts you most want to be covered and celebrate the parts you love. There are so many clever costume designs out there these days. Ruching is great over tummies, you can get costumes with adjustable leg lengths, tummy control costumes, and panelling which creates clever visual effects.

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You're in the changing room, sweating gently from the overhead lights which beautifully illuminate every wobbly bit. It's winter, so shaving legs has gone out the window and you're legs are pasty as a lump of cod. This might not be your swimsuit buying reality, but it is definitely mine. I loathe it. On a brighter note, I've recently had a good rifle online and I was surprised to find absolutely loads of swimming costumes that I think have potential to make women feel great, whether it is at the local pool, or on holiday.

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

Collaborative post – all ideas and opinions remain my own.



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