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My Dream Handbag and Travel Bag System: Mia Tui Jennie

I’m squinting a little sorry, Luna dog chewed my sunnies and I haven’t had chance to get any more.

I’m so excited because today I have found the dream handbag and travel bag system. No more losing my stuff day to day or when travelling, or changing from bag to bag.

There is a bag within this bag, I’m coming to it, be patient…

My coat pockets have been my handbag over the winter. Keys, purse and mobile, lip balm and dog bags. But once spring arrives and I start wearing different jackets that all goes to pot. It’s a practical way to live here in the country, but over stuffed coat pockets look a bit scruffy the minute you head anywhere respectable.

I’ve been finding when I leave my field for somewhere smart, I don’t have a big enough bag, especially when it comes to travel. Like when I went to Tuscany with the girls for example.

Mia Tui sent me the Jennie bag in Pewter to try and I fell in love with the colour. It is so me. But if it’s not you, stay with me still, there are 14 colours to choose from.

I looked inside and squealed with excitement because I realised it was a traveller’s dream bag. Two insulated water bottle holders, a clear toiletries bag, perfect for when you fly hand luggage only, an elasticated key clip, phone holder, pen pocket and two side pockets perfect for putting itineraries and notebooks within easy reach.

Plus, it’s not leather, which for me is a bonus.

But the best bit was the matching clutch bag tucked inside with two straps. Seriously, this is the part where I realised this bag was a game changer.

I am forever forgetting a little bag when I travel, they are so handy for night’s out or time out without my big camera. This one has two straps, cross body and a little wrist strap. You can tell whoever designed this gave it some seriously clever thought.

However, it doesn’t end there!

I love it so much it has become my everyday bag.

Cross body YES!

Just enough room for sunnies, phone, keys, lipstick and purse YES!

Space for an extra here and there like a snack, phone charger, small suncream, extra make up or girls’ things YES!

It’s so soft and squishy it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a bag so I can get in the car with it on and buckle up comfortably YES! One of the reasons I hate handbags is you have to take them off when you get in the car.

Let me curtail my excitement about the min bag and get back to the main bag now. It is perfect for looking smart on your travels, at first I thought it was just a shoulder bag, but then I realised it was cross body too.

I probably wouldn’t want to overfill this bag and carry it cross body, but for the odd hands free moment like airports, or giving out hugs to your kids it is perfect. (Thanks to family photographer Chloe from Picture Taker Memory Maker for this gorgeous capture of me and L – more gorgeous shots to come!)

Inside is so well organised, which is great for work trips, I took this bag to The Retreat recently, a conference for bloggers, and it was perfect for keeping my pen, notebook, water and phone handy, and my favourite sunnies, before Luna got them!

The bag to end all bags - Mia Tui Jennie Travel Bag

The Ukulele like looking thing is my latest toy, a gimbal, or mobile phone stabiliser for making film with. It’s SO much fun, video coming soon!

So there you have it, I think this bag could change my life. Plus, I haven’t quite finished, the other amazing thing is you can pop the outside panel/pocket over your suitcase handle, like this, ta da. How clever?

The bag to end all bags - Mia Tui Jennie Travel Bag

I’m not a big handbag girl, and I generally go for comfort and ergonomics over style, so for some situations the Jennie bag won’t be perfect for me.  As an all day camera bag while carrying lots of gear it swang off my shoulders when crouching down to take photos and put too much weight on one shoulder. So I’ll stick to my rucksack or slingsack for walking and long family days out.

But, there are always outings, work meetings and travel occasions where I need to leave my field and feel polished, and I’d like not to be dragging a rucksack along. For these the Mia Tui Jennie is a stylish solution. And a really affordable one at £55.

The little bag and I are totally inseparable.

I haven’t lost my purse, phone or keys since it arrived.

Collaborative post, thanks to Mia Tui for sending the Jennie Travel bag of dreams.


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  1. 15/05/2018 / 12:41 pm

    I love the idea of having a smaller bag inside and funnily enough I have 3 of those Mia Tui bags in various colours. They are perfect for going out of an evening, and are just the right size. Infact I used one of mine the other evening when I went out with my husband x

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