Introducing Lili Alert: Getting Creative with L’s You Tube channel and Gel a Peel

Both my children wanted to experiment with You Tube. For various reasons I wasn’t sure it was the greatest idea – You Tube can be so shallow, so mean and nasty, so mind melting and so time consuming. But then after having an absolute blast exploring making film myself at The Retreat in Somerset I relented.

Film is amazingly good fun, it is creative, it allows us to connect with other humans.  I realised it was daft not sharing all that experience I gained as a film and media teacher and as a blogger and film maker with my kids. When we’ve made film together in the past I have loved being able to pass on a skill and to see how far they take it.

Plus, if we work together on it we’re spending quality time together doing something we both love. She gets to learn from my film making experience and I get to learn from her natural understanding of what works on You Tube. Plus, the thorny bit, You Tube, well, I am doing what all the internet safety experts recommend, taking an interest and helping her navigate life online.

An invitation from Gel a Peel to customise a bag and tumbler appeared in my inbox and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let L loose with a new family channel, under my channel.

She blew me away, I filmed, she directed, presented and edited.

Introducing Lili Alert, please subscribe and give here the thumbs up over on YouTube!

Things we loved about Gel a Peel – the possibilities are pretty endless, the designs are cute and the colours are fun. You can make everything from t shirts to jewellery and its a great thing for kids to do together.

Things we weren’t so hot about – the packaging and the patience required. We’re probably both much more ‘freeform’ and messy when it comes to getting creative. There is plenty scope for making your own designs with Gel A Peel as you can see, but if you have a child who loves to colour in the lines, be neat and follow templates – this is probably going to be their idea of heaven.

Watch out for this one next…he made a cracking assistant cameraman.


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  1. 29/05/2018 / 9:36 am

    The social media may have its cons but it’s no doubt a great channel to learn, share ideas, and connect.

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