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Growing Up with Camp Bestival: What’s in Store for 2018?

Miss L crept into my room last Friday night clutching one of her girls’ magazines with a line up for Camp Bestival in it. I had gone to bed before everyone else sulking because we’d had to pull out of going to Timber festival to finish our Airbnb caravan.

It reminded me of my own excitement when the Glastonbury and Reading line ups were first announced when I was a teenager.  She’s kept on asking if we can please go back to Camp Bestival this year, but with everything going on we’ve been too busy to commit to anything.

I can’t blooming resist a festival though, it’s not summer if you haven’t been to one.

‘Ask your Dad,’ I said.

What my 11 year old is looking forward to about Camp Bestival

Moments later she came back, ‘He says he can’t take time off. We could go though? Clean Bandit are playing and Rae Morris. Look them up on your phone!’

So we did.

I also spotted Jesus Jones, the Undertones, PWEI and Stereo Mcs had crept onto the line up since I last looked! More bands Mr A can’t stand but I loved!

It’s the first year either of the kids have taken an interest in the music, the first year we went, the were 5 and 3 and they slept in a trolley while Mr A and I danced the night away to an amazing line up of disco funk. One year I remember dancing with Mr G to the Levellers. One year we saw no music at all because we were so busy doing stuff.

To be honest I never pay too much attention to the line up because I know we will end up having an amazing time regardless, there is so much random stuff to discover and an amazing atmosphere.

Last time though, we went we all hung out at the main stage with friends and their kids all day on Sunday, the kids made a fortune returning plastic cups to the bar.

What I am looking forward to at Camp Bestival

Every year has been so different. But always so packed with fun and memories.

love seeing my kids grow up at Camp Bestival. I think this will be our fifth.

After chasing my tail all summer trying to get the caravan on Airbnb alongside the barn, and finishing the book I have written with Becky, Create Your Own Happy, I am really really ready for some quality time with the kids. I’m taking a bigger break from blogging this summer because I just want to spend time with my kids (apart from our review of Camp Bestival of course!)

So I am taking the kids on my own!

Am I mad?

No, I reckon they are the perfect age for it and it will be a lovely bonding experience after a bonkers summer term. It’ll be our fifth so we all know the drill.

Festivals always help me destress and Camp Bestival is always perfectly timed for the start of the summer. Festivals are a rite of passage, you go in stressed and you come out covered in glitter and feathers, a bit grubby but with your soul and heart nourished.


What my 9 year old is looking forward to at Camp Bestival

She asked her brother if he would help put the tent up, and came back to say he would.

So the deal was done.

He’s super excited about carving a new sword. He loves the familiarity of the place and the control and independence that gives him. It’s the one holiday place I am happy to go back to because it is the same but wildly different every time.

I jsut found this video of our first visit, which has had over 20,000 views – You Tube is so random! I should add that we have never had to queue for the toilets for long and there are special kids toilets so they can skip the line, but I just love watching my two little ones dancing in the queue here!

When I asked on facebook I discovered that so many of my friends are going, not just blogger friends but old uni mates and Nottingham friends. It’s going to be one long reunion! I reckon I have convinced quite a few people to give Camp Bestival a whirl over the years.

My kids are old enough to have a bit of freedom now, they have grown up with the festival and know the site well, its really safe and they are surrounded by parents and security to help if they get lost. So I reckon there will be some sitting in the sun drinking cocktails time for me at last! Or perhaps I will be able to indulge in a spot of yoga or chilling in the wellbeing area, or check out the author’s talks and poets.

I can’t wait to switch off, spend time totally focused on having fun together and to be back in a place that holds so many happy memories. I quite fancy catching Matthew Bourne and the random street theatre always blows my mind.

Oh, and eating. There is no way I am taking cooking stuff when the food is so amazing and I am solo parenting!

We’re going to miss Mr A massively, but it’s all part of my cunning plan to make sure he feels so sad to be left at home that he books in early for 2019.

Here’s what we got up to in 2016, so much random stuff, lots of creative stuff, making, whittling stuff and painting which always makes my soul happy.

There is still time to join us!


I'd love to know your thoughts!