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Journeys: My New Nephew


When you introduce someone, you need to do it properly. Life has been a bit hectic recently and I have been wanting to share this wonderful news for ages. In between our trip to Scotland, which I have started sharing here, and Iceland which I have started to share here, the kids and I made an overnight trip down to Surrey to see my brother and family and meet my new nephew, the kids’ new baby cousin.

My brother and his wife are renovating an amazing barn (a dream home in the woods – I am not jealous at all) so we found a hotel to stay in nearby. We were tired after our Scottish road trip, but we all excitedly got back on the road and given their exhaustion levels, the kids were brilliant, there was no bed bouncing and swapping til 10pm. G and I fell asleep in one bed, me telling him stories as we had forgotten a book, and L starfishes in the other bed, asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

Without further ado, my nephew E.


It was amazing to watch the kids with him and incredible that we have such similar pictures of L meeting my brother’s first born, B, nearly 4 years ago.

DSC04204 IMG_9320

Meeting your siblings child is such a mix of emotions. It’s amazing to see my children around babies and see how much they have grown.


It’s incredible to think a new life is part of your blood line, your family and shares some of your family genes. It’s just magical to see a newborn. It takes you through a little door to your own childhood too,  I have vivid memories of smothering my little brother with hugs and kisses, of the horror when I stuffed him into my toy pram and of pushing his carrycot down the stairs, which my Mum insisted was a false memory.


It’s wonderful to see your sibling bursting with pride, happiness and love for his wife and kids. And to hear he has been totally amazing, he’s turned out really brilliantly my little brother. It’s hard not to mother your younger brother, as I have become accustomed to trying to as the oldest and a girl. Stuffing a stash of Cook! Ready meals in the freezer doesn’t feel like enough. I wish I lived nearer and could pop over for cuddles and fun with my nephews anytime.


Even for a short visit there was so much joy. There was plenty of time to tear around with my nephew B and play in the woods.


We gave my sister in law and E a break from noisy big kids and went to a local farm park.


When we were little, my family went to Denmark. It has to be one of the best holidays we had as a family, Legoland and Farup Sommerland theme park were just two of the highlights, finding biscuits called Bums were another. Discovering these bouncy pillows took us straight back to our day at Farup Somerland.

I don’t see enough of my brother now he has settled down South and has two bundles of joy and an amazing wife to look after. We are working on it though. But those little moments that take you back through the vortex of childhood are ones I will always treasure.



  1. 10/07/2016 / 7:40 am

    Wow, this has kind of made me look forward to introducing our new baby to his cousins when he comes. Something I’ve never really thought about, so thanks!

    • parentshaped
      14/07/2016 / 8:30 am

      I think cousins are such special people, especially when you are little! Congratulations on the new baby 🙂 x

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