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My Top Travel Sleep Tips: Tempur Comfort Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

Tempur Travel Sleep Pillow and Sleep Mask

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, my Grandma let me have a cushion of hers. It was purple and soft as clouds and I used to love snuggling up to it in her house, so when she let me take it home I remember being over the moon and I promptly fell fast asleep against it on the car journey home.

It was one of a pair however, and it didn’t take me long to work out that Grandma had given me the slightly less fluffy of the two. I was undeterred however, and I decided to return with my cushion next visiting time, and while my unsuspecting Grandmother’s back was turned, I swapped the two cushions.

She used to always say ‘I’ve got my beady eye on you.’ My brother who was littler, and hadn’t got the hang of figurative speech, thought for a long time that she had a bead in her eye and used to stare at her intently and try to spot it. As I was leaving she of course pointed out, eyes twinkling, that I had the wrong cushion and I was very embarrassed to be caught out.

The story came back to me when I unpacked the Tempur Travel Kit I have been sent to review. The Tempur Comfort Travel Pillow has the same fluffy, soft cover material and it’s plumpness reminded me of Grandma’s cushion I coveted. Of course Grandma’s cushions were stuffed with old stockings, whereas Tempur use NASA’s unique memory foam, so the pillow moulds perfectly to your shape, providing both perfect support and excellent comfort.

Tempur specialise in beds, pillow and mattresses, using science to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, so it makes complete sense they also design travel products.

The cover is washable and comes in a waterproof travel case. It is smaller than a normal pillow so perfect for taking on holiday or in the car, but still big enough that I didn’t need to take another pillow camping with me. I tried it both at home and camping and found it as comfy, if not more so than my usual pillow.

Tempur Travel Sleep Pillow and Sleep Mask

I’ve fallen head over heels for the Tempur sleep mask too, it was brilliant when camping. It lets you really switch off, so it was great for light evenings and for daytime naps or resting when there is lots going on. It is so soft and fits really close to your face, but because it is padded you can roll onto your side and sleep with it and it won’t fall off or move out of place like masks normally do. Honestly, if you like sleep masks and/or sleep on your side you are going to love this!

I’ve tested a few travel sleep aids, most of them hurriedly bought at airports and then ditched in the store cupboard of doom never to be used again. But I’m in totally in love with these products from Tempur.

They work.

Get Your Free Travel Pillow!

You can get your hands on your very own Tempur Comfort travel pillow by taking part in the Tempur® Challenge in store from 10th July 2017 to 7th August 2017, there is more information on how that works here, and use the Tempur store locator to find your nearest stockist. The pillow is worth £65 so well worth it!

Tempur Travel Sleep Pillow and Sleep Mask

My top three sensory travel sleep tips:

I will be packing my Tempur pillow from now on, and my eye mask. Once you have your physical comfort sorted it is worth thinking mind over matter too.

  1. Sleep is very personal, think about what conditions you are used to at home and invest in products that will bring about those conditions. It’s amazing how many people don’t. Having mainly lived in towns and cities, waking up in pitch black on holiday, and now our new house, always makes me panic, so I always make sure my phone is charged by my bed or take a small nightlight. If you are used to pitch black you need to carry an eye mask. If you are used to silence, always pack ear plugs. It’s amazing how much shutting off just one of the senses can help with sleep!
  2. Sometimes it is about reassuring the senses too. Lavender pillow mist brings about a familiar smell that I love, never fails to helps me to relax, and works well for kids too.  Audio books or relaxation or meditation tracks help create a familiar or calming atmosphere too.
  3. No matter how physically tired you feel, take time to mentally unwind and relax when arriving somewhere new. For me, that means unpacking my things, getting my bearings, wandering around, outside too if possible, checking the layout, how things work and noting anything to do with safety. Sometimes kids need this calming walkthrough more than we realise too!

What’s your top travel sleep tip?

This post is a collaboration with Tempur®, but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Image credits : my brilliant daughter.


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