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Paris with Kids: how to spend one glorious day in Paris

Yes you read it right, 24 glorious hours in Paris with children. It was very different from our trip as a newly together couple pre-kids, but we still managed to cover some of the same ground and discover some new gems.  There was a whole new level of romance in returning to the site of our first picnic together, in Jardin de Luxembourg, this time with children. Paris with kids is magical.

Paris with kids, how to spend 12 glorious hours with kids in France's capital city

Paris in a day. Just an hour from our Canvas Holiday. Mr A decided to drive, it was surprisingly painless, we sailed into Paris, which is quiet in August, and found a car park near the Eiffel Tower. just a short walk through the Trocadero to take this shot…

Eiffel Tower - paris with kids

From there it was easy to hop onto a boat to explore the city from the river.

We headed for the Jardin de Luxembourg, because that’s where we went once, on our first romantic city break, before kids. Me just 22, Mr A 24, a bottle of vin rouge, a baguette, cheese and a lazy summer afternoon. Fast forward 16 years….


It was pretty magical to have our fabulous kids with us and to find the stunning sailing boats you can hire,  we were clearly too drunk in love to notice them last time, they are in the video.


Paris was full of sights and sounds, sometimes you don’t need to plan too much – bizarre sights find you instead.


All that wandering is tiring, you need to stop and enjoy the pavement cafes. Watch the world go by, make new plans. So many amazing cakes to eat.


My husband always picks the best cake…

Things we ate in Paris - 4

Had to be done…


The first time Mr A and I went to France, I was offered a plate of vegetables as there was no veggie option. My mouth still waters when I think of it. I have promised to learn how to make my own Tarte Provencal. For a country that doesn’t do vegetarian well, there are some incredible surprises, French chefs know how to make vegetables taste amazing.

Things we ate in Paris - 1

Sometimes it’s hanging out together in a new city, that is as important as seeing the city…I definitely remember that from the time we spent here together B.K. (before kids)

Paris by river cruise

I love seeing a city by water. It certainly wore these two out.

canvas holidays croix de la vieux pont berny riviere - 16

A real highlight was the carousel in the Trocadero, by the Eiffel Tower. We’d spent ages thinking what to do when we got there, and suddenly there was everything on a plate. A carousel, a view of the tower, crepes with nutella, croque monsieur and souvenir stands…what else does a kid, or a big kid need?

Paris A.K. (after kids) absolutely as romantic as Paris B.K.


Find out more about Canvas Holidays who have sites all over Europe, bursting with stuff to keep families happy. Booking was really easy, the staff are so knowledgeable and can even book your ferry, or if you prefer, you can organise your own journey.

Read more about our Canvas holidays experience here.



  1. gretta @ mumsdotravel
    14/11/2015 / 3:08 pm

    Wonderful post about a beautiful city. I will be sharing this xx

  2. sara
    19/01/2016 / 11:47 am

    Lovely pictures with great tour details keep sharing

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